Cardigan People 6: Mission Hall

2 thoughts on “Cardigan People 6: Mission Hall

  1. I also have this photo as my dadcu is in it. I understand that before it was the Mission Hall it was the Ragged School – if there are any photos or details available they would be of much interest. These peoples parents (my hen dadcu / mamgu) will have likley attended.Thanks


    1. Thanks. I will have a look. I have built up a collection of names and details of many Mwldan (and Cardigan people). Who was your dadcu? I may have some details. I believe that there was a Sunday School (Mwldan Sunday School?) at the bottom of Eben’s Lane (where Dai Wilson had a warehouse). This may have links with the original Ragged School? I will look further and get back to you. William


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