Mayor: R D Jenkins 1867-8

/01 Prince Cadwgan, screw steam ship, belonging to Aberaeron Steamship Co was to call once a fortnight at Cardigan on her trips to and from Bristol.
10/01 Muddled Town Co. accounts. Public Meeting. presided over by the Mayor R D Jenkins. George Bowen, Plasnewydd proposed and Asa Johnes Evans seconded that meeting stood adjourned until Lancelot Lowther had unravelled the hopelessly muddled Borough accounts.
5 1867 (Sat.) Stormy weather. Lifeboat ‘John Stuart’ helped the sloop ‘Oliver Lloyd’ of Cardigan and ‘Turtle Dove’ of Aberystwyth. Crew of 6 rescued..
EBENEZER WESLEYAN church Missionary meeting 1867 Nov (site of Vale of Tivy)
31/5 1867 Fri CTA 1st anniversary
8 1867 (Maw.) Lifeboat ‘John Stuart’ out helping the ‘Coronation’ of Bideford.
23/08 Black Swan barque (Capt. T Lewis) arrived from Quebec with timber for Ald Tom Davies (owner) in 21 days.
/10 Lowther presented balance sheet 1855-67. Very cordially thanked and recommended to be generously paid but he wasn’t because he was a councillor. Same public meeting appointed a Committee of Ratepayers to decide whether to sell the allotments on the Cardigan Common.
/11 3rd Election [or possibly 1866?] : Dr John Thomas 223; Lancelot Lowther 222; Levi James 217; Benjamin Evans 181; John Lewis (innkeeper) 88; John Lewis (grocer) 57
/11 Mayor Jenkins, R. D. (12th time)
12/12 1867 Bethania robbed – £4 from missionary box.
67-73 Hope Chapel Pastors 5 Richards, John Newman

The following were buried in St Mary’s Church cemetery:

  • Stephens, John, shipwright d at Cuba 1867 aged 45 MPE9
  • Davies, David, mate of the Sclavonica lost at Leith 1867 aged 27 MPC14
  • Owens, Anne wi of Thomas Owens, mariner 19/01/1867 aged 62 C25
  • Jones, Evan, joiner 16/03/1867 aged 37 C7
  • Evans, Jane wi of John and mother of Caroline Jones 24/03/1867 aged 70 RMPW14
  • Lewis, Elizabeth 2nd dau of late Caleb 28/05/1811-04/04/1867 MPA4
  • Jones, Mary, late postmistress wi of Jonathan 01/05/1867 aged 79 C27
  • Lloyd, William son of N… by Mary 08/05/1867 aged 6m EW20
  • Phillips, Margaret, Pendre d. June
  • Williams, Evan Elias 09/06/1867 aged 10d MPN11
  • Phillips, Margaret dau of James & Maragret 20/06/1867 aged 78 HPW18
  • Phillips, Ann wi of Thomas, mariner 30/06/1867 aged 48 MPN7
  • Evans, David Beynon, painter 02/07/1867 aged 42 HPW68
  • Thomas, Jane wi of James 22/07/1867 aged 54 EW32
  • 20/8 d. William Morgan, crydd, Mwldan Isaf (B)
  • Jones, William 15/09/1867 aged 25 HPW58d. Elizabeth Davies, Bath House (B)
  • 21/10 d. Anne Jones, Pwllhai, 76 (B)
  • Morgan, Frances wi of Hector 27/10/1867 in 77 yr of her age C55
  • Evans, Evan, mason 20/11/1867 aged 44 EW22
  • 7/12 d. Maria Esau, Swan, 76, (B)

4/8 Bethania Baptism: Ellen Bowen, Feidrfair; Margaret Jeremiah, Pendre; Elizabeth James, Capel, by Revd G. Thomas?; 1/12; 22/12 Baptisms