Cardigan People 23: W. J. Morgan, Dick Fugle, Arthur Davies, ? Sneade, Mrs Llewelyn, Dolwerdd

William J. Morgan (1902–80)

Headmaster of the Cardigan Junior School, 1931–1968. Previously schoolmaster at Ferwig Primary school. Town councillor, 1937–1952. Mayor in 1942, alderman in 1949. Appointed deacon at Bethania Chapel in 1937.

Richard Fugle [d.1945?], Arthur Davies, Mr. ?Sneade

Richard Fugle and Arthur Davies’ s names appear on the town Cenotaph. [More to come…]

Mrs Gwladys Llewelyn, Dolwerdd (1886–1977)

wife of Thomas Llewelyn, Dolwerdd, chemist, High St.

1990s: school governors

1990s, School Governors

Back row, l-r: Mrs Eirlys Jones, Marteine Richards, Mrs Lynwen ap Gwynedd, Clr. T. Haydn Lewis, ?, John Adams-Lewis, Mrs. Rhian Sollis, D. Gatehouse, Clr D. M. B.Davies.

Front row, l-r: Dyfrig Davies, Dr Gwynfor Griffiths, headmaster, Llwyd Edwards, Islwyn Evans, ?, N. Newland.

120 years of education: County School 1898–2018

1950s: Staff

An exhibition was held a few years ago to raise money for an upgrade to the gymnasium. The collection of over 200 photographs is now included on the “Cardigan through the ages” website. Thanks are due to KEITH LADD for permission to include this material from his vast collection on the history of Cardigan. Diolch yn fawr Keith.

Click here “Cardigan County School 1898–2018: 120 years of education”

The photographs have been arranged in order of decade. PLEASE send names if you recognize anyone. If you have any photographs, or memories that you wish to include please send them on.


23 December (1880) Forget PISAS and SATS!

  • 23 1880 (Thurs.) D M Palmer Headmaster:

I have had the honour of examining the scholars of the Grammar School, Cardigan, in the Greek and Latin languages, in French, and Scripture History, and it affords me very great pleasure to be able to send in the following report:

The work done by the senior classes in the Aenid of Virgil, in Cicero’s De Senectute, and in Caesar’s Gallic Wars, respectively, as well as in the Anabasis of Xenophon, was highly satisfactory.

The various extracts from the originals were, as a rule, very faithfully rendered in English, though some excelled the others in the elegancy and correctness of their composition.

I was also very much pleased with the accuracy of many of the papers in French Grammar. The translation of the extracts from Charles XII, was, on the whole, very correctly done.

The good old days before PISAS and SATS!


4 November (1895) Intermediate School for boys opened in the Grammar School

  • 4 1895 (Mon.) Intermediate School for Boys opened at the Grammar School. Staff included Mr D. M. Palmer, BA, Mr Charles Owen BA, and Miss Gladdish BA. 30 boys were present on opening day.  Later the girls started in 1896 at a spare room at the Board School, Pendre and 17 girls were enrolled on the first day. The ‘County School’ was officially opened on 23 Sept 1898.

22 Sept (1953) Official opening of the Infants’ School


?, Mrs May Davies, Miss Gwyneth Morris, Mrs Street, Mrs Nath Evans, Miss H. J. Williams, Mrs Annie Rees

?, Mrs May Davies, Miss Gwyneth Morris, Mrs Street, Mrs Nath Evans, Miss H. J. Williams, Mrs Annie Rees

Official Programme of the opening of the Infants' School

Official Programme of the opening of the Infants’ School

Official Opening of the Infants School

Official Opening of the Infants School

  • 22 1953 (Tues.) Opening of Ysgol Gynradd Aberteifi by Ald. M. Ll. Garnant Williams, JP at 2.00

3 June (1984) Death of Miss S. R. Owen

  • 3 1984 (Sun.) Death of Miss S R Owen B.A. , schoolmistress and mayor in 1971. She retired from the County School as a mathematics teacher in 1966. Before this she ran a private school ‘Bodowen Private School’ for many years. She graduated in history from Cardiff University. She was the daughter of G. D. Owen, a local coal merchant and a cousin to Professor L V Owen. She was a member of St Mary’s Church.

18 May (2009) Death of Dewi Maelor Lloyd, former headmaster

  • 18 2009 (Mon.) Death of Dewi Maelor Lloyd (79), former headmaster of the Secondary School (1979–90)
  • 18 1986 (Sun.) Inauguration of the National Shrine to Our Lady of the Taper by Most Rev John Aloysius Ward, Rt Rev James Hannigan, Rt Rev Daniel J Mullins
  • 18 1869 (Tues.)  Capel Mair John Daniel given contract. Cost £1,049 + materials from demolition of Old Chapel.

17 May (1976) Death of Bedwyr Davies, Siop y Castell

  • 17 1976 (Llun) Death of Bedwyr Davies, Siop y Castell, 36 years old.
  • 17 1953 (Sun.) Cardigan Semi-national Eisteddfod Celebrity Concert: Treorchy Male Voice Choir, Sop Victoria Elliot (soprano); Afred Orda (international baritone)
  • 17 1917 (Thurs.) Burial of David Morgan Palmer, Cardigan, St Mary’s Terr, 17 May 1917, 84, former school master

12 May (1897) Laying the memorial stones of the Intermediate School

  • 12 1897 (Tues.)  Intermediate School: laying memorial stones in the front wall of the new Intermediate School. 5 stones were laid by Mrs Morgan Richardson, Noyaddwilym, Mrs (Dr) Phillips, Bank House, Mrs W Lewis, Lloyds Bank, Mr W J Williams, Mayor, Revd John Williams, Bethania, chairman of school governors.

4 April (1827) Hanged for stealing old clothes

  • 4 1973 (Wed.) A Romanian Choir, conducted by Marin Constantin,  sang at Cardigan Secondary School.
  • 4 1921 (Mon.) G. Picton Williams opened a tailoring establishment at Commerce House, formerly a part of the Commercial Hotel.
  • 4 1827 (Wed.) William Andrews, an English tramp was charged with stealing old clothes. He was sentenced to death and hanged at Cardigan Gaol a few days later.

26 February (1938) Death of Dr Dan Rees, headmaster


Dr Dan Rees

  • 26 1938 (Sat.) Death of Dr Dan Rees, Belmont, headmaster of Cardigan County School for 36 years. After his retirement he moved to Hastings. He had been unwell for some time, and on medical advice decided to take a holiday in Sicily. Whilst on the train at Lyon, in France he passed away. His wife was with him at the time. His remains were cremated in France.

A native of Llandysul, he was educated at Gwilym Marles School, and William James school, Llandysul.  Unitarian; Carmarthen Presbyterian College under Principal Evans; Aberystwyth College for 1 year where BA degree 1st divis (London). London Univ MA Classics. Oxford – awarded Hibbert Scholarship which he carried to Berlin and Leipsig, where he took his Doctorate in Philosophy and Celtic. Finally he went to Paris where he studied for six months at the Sorbonne. Appointed in 1897–1932; Married Elizabeth M Davies eldest daughter of Rev John Davies, Shrewsbury and had 1 son.

 ‘Dr Dan Rees was not in the roll of common men. There was a distinction about hm which could not but impress all with whom he came in contact. He had that elusive thing called personality…

The schoolroom was his dukedom and here he wielded a daily influence the value of which it is impossible to estimate.’ editorial CTA 11.3.1938


Dr Dan Rees as headmaster

A memorial service was held at All Saints’ Church, Hastings at 3.00 pm on Saturday, 5th March attended among others by the following relatives: Mrs E. M. Rees (widow), Capt and Mrs Rees (son and daughter-in-law), Mr David Rees (brother), Mrs F. Gower (sister), and Miss F. E. Davies (sister-in-law).