21 December (1897) Shooting at the Castle

  • 21 1897 (Mon.) Inquest to the death of Master George Aubrey Davies, who was found dead in his room on Saturday evening at Castle Green. He was discovered with a bullet wound to the head. The verdict was accidental death. He had only returned home from College on Thursday for his holidays. In 1890 his brother lost an arm through the explosion of a gun whilst shooting wild ducks in a boat on the Teifi.

17 July (1919) Price of coal to rise. Time for a protest!

Price of coal to rise!
Price of coal to rise!

  • 17 1919 (Sat.)  Price of coal will rise to 6/- a ton. Time for a protest.
  • 17 1885 (Fri. ) John Price convicted at Cardigan Assizes and sentenced by Mr Justice Denham. Charged with murdering his wife by shooting her during a quarrel. On the night of the murder the prisoner had attempted to take his own life.

4 April (1827) Hanged for stealing old clothes

  • 4 1973 (Wed.) A Romanian Choir, conducted by Marin Constantin,  sang at Cardigan Secondary School.
  • 4 1921 (Mon.) G. Picton Williams opened a tailoring establishment at Commerce House, formerly a part of the Commercial Hotel.
  • 4 1827 (Wed.) William Andrews, an English tramp was charged with stealing old clothes. He was sentenced to death and hanged at Cardigan Gaol a few days later.

26 January (1895) Meeting: New golf links for Gwbert?

  • 26 1895 (Sat.) Meeting held in the offices of Evans & Stephens to form a new golf links at Gwbert
  • 26 1883 (Fri.) Eleanor Jones, 65 charged with stealing 24 sheets of notepaper and a small packet of envelopes from a shop at Llandysul. Pleaded guilty and said she had had a drop too much of beer. Sentenced to 18 months hard labour.