Donato Nardiello, Welsh Football International b. Cardigan 9 April 1957

Donato Nardinello (1957-  )
Donato Nardiello (1957- )

Donato Nardiello has recently retired as a police officer with the West Midlands Police. He used to play for Coventry City (1977–81) and twice appeared in a Welsh shirt (1977). He was born in Cardigan on 9 April 1957. He left the area when he was 6 years old? Anyone have any further information on the Cardigan connection? Is there a house in the town with a plaque??

See: Birmingham Mail

27 October (1973) Jeremy Thorpe in the Cliff; (1970) Gareth Edwards in the Rugby Club

  • 27 1973 (Sat.) Cardigan & District Liberal Association are addressed by Rt Hon Jeremy Thorpe at the Cliff Hotel. Additional entertainment provided by Blaenporth Male voice choir.
Delfryn Owens, Brynmor Williams, Gareth Edwards, Col. Ben Jones, D. P. Thomas, Dyfed Davies
Delfryn Owens, Brynmor Williams, Gareth Edwards, Col. Ben Jones, D. P. Thomas, Dyfed Davies
  • 27 1970 (Tues.) Visit of Gareth Edwards to the Rugby Club to present coloured portraits to 3 local schoolboys: Brynmor Williams, Delfryn Owens and Dyfed Davies

8 August (1980) Bennett’s in the Eagle!

Phil Bennett pushing the pennies
Phil Bennett pushing the pennies
  • 8 1980 (Fri.) Phil Bennett visits the Eagle Inn to push a column of coins over in aid of Kidney research
  • 8 1976 (Sun.) National Eisteddfod: Children’s Cymanfa Ganu 2.30; Cymanfa Ganu at 8.00.
  •  8 1901 (Thurs.) Burial of Pleybert Ives, 36, a vendor of French Onions, who drowned in the Teifi.

23 July (1970) Our Lady of the Taper officially opened at 6.30pm

  • 23 1970 (Thurs.) Our Lady of the Taper officially opened 6.30. The ceremony was conducted by Rt Rev John E Petit MA, Bp of Menevia, assisted by Rt Rev Langton D Fox auxiliary Bp of Menevia.
  • 23 1968 (Mon.) Fire damages Rugby Club
  • 23 1678 (Tues.) Neptune of Ilfracombe took 15, 000 hilling stones to Dublin.

30 June (1950) Councillor resigns – ‘no boxing here’

  • 30 1950 (Fri.) Clr Rosina Davies resigns from the Town Council because the Cardigan Boxing Club wished to use the Council’s Meat Market. Revd  Rosina Davies was born at St. Dogmaels, and later moved to the Rhondda Valleys. She was baptised  on 27 August  1911 and began preaching that evening. She was pastor at Bryn Seion, Cwmtwrch, 1926–8, where she was ordained. She returned to St Dogmaels in 1930 with her widowed mother. She was assistant minister Blaenwaun 1930–40, and similarly at Bethania, 1941–60. In 1933 she married David Evan Davies, who kept a  butcher’s shop (opposite Shire Hall) . She was the first woman member of the Town Council, and in 1943 the first female mayor. She died on 3 July 1983, aged 87 years.
  • 30 1921 (Thurs.) Cardigan Liberal Club Company Ltd formed.

28 April (1197) Death of Lord Rhys; (1938) Visit of Amy Johnson

  • 28 1985 (Sul) Celebrating the Centenary of local Baptists’ Cymanfa Ganu
  • 28 1951 (Sad.) Mammoth Boxing Tournament: Market Hall on Barley Saturday. Popular Cardigan boxer Haydn Gwyon, and Owen Edwards, who is due to appear at Albert hall in final of British Railways Championship.
  • 28 1938 (Thurs.) Amy Johnson passes through Cardigan as part of RAC Car Rally.
  • 28 1197 (Mon.) Death of Lord Rhys

30 March (1985) The day Cardigan’s bookies were in tears!

  • 30 1985 (Sat.) Hywel Davies’s big day winning the Grand National on Last Suspect at 50-1

History of the 1985 Grand National

Story of Last Suspect

1985 Grand National

  • 30 1908 (Mon.) Freemasons formed at Black Lion. Earliest members included William Woodward, David Davies solicitor, Llewelyn Davies, schoolmaster, D. Lloyd Jones, bank manager, G. W. Potter, Dr George E. Jones, Jenkin Jones, H. Nicholson, and M. L. Jones.
  • 30 1970 (Mon.) Tudor James, 7 Priory St., takes over newspaper round from J. C. Roberts, High St.


9 March (1957) Happy birthday to Jonathan Jones, Formula 1 World Champion, 1998

Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones
  • 9 1957 (Sat.) Happy birthday Jonathan Jones, World Powerboat Champion.

1979 – World Sprint Champion, T2; runner-up in National Championships, T2
1980 – National Champion, T2
1982 – 3rd in National Champonships, Formula Grand Prix ON.
1983 – 4th overall in Rolatruc National Grand Prix Series.
1984 – 4th overall in Rolatruc National Grand Prix Series; 4th overall Formula Grand Prix World Series.
1985 – 2nd Overall in Formula Grand Prix World Series.
1986 – Winner formula Grand Prix World Series.
1989 – Winner formula Grand Prix World Series.
1991 – Formula 1 World Champion.
1993 – 3rd in Formula 1 World Championship.
1994 – 2nd in Formula 1 World Championship.
1996 – 3rd in Formula 1 World Championship.
1998 – Formula 1 World Champion.

Jonathan Jones: a portrait

Some statistics

  • 9 1653 (Wed.) Town Council sworn at the Leet Court in the Castle.

1 March (1963) Dick Richardson, the boxer visits the Cliff Hotel

  • 1 1983 (Tues.) Robin Morris-Jones starts his job as Town Clerk.
  • 1 1963 (Fri.) Visitor Dick Richardson, heavyweight boxer guest of Cardigan branch British Legion at Cliff Hotel.
  • 1 1880 (Mon.) Dr. John Thomas, age 49 was the first to be buried in the new cemetery.
  • 1 1879 (Sat.) Masons went on strike. The walls were cracking as soon as they were built. The trouble stemmed from the fact that the bricks and copings were not sufficiently burnt at the Brickworks.

16 February (1980) Paul Ringer – sent off?!

  •  16 1980 (Sat.) Paul Ringer sent off?!

Battle of Twickenham

Ringer’s Red

Paul Ringer
Paul Ringer

Paul Ringer, a former Cardigan Secondary School pupil playing for Wales v. England at Twickenham in 1980 was sent off in the 13th minute by an Irish referee, David Burnett, for allegedly making a late challenge on England’s fly-half, John Horton. Wales came second 9–8.

A slightly (!) controversial incident which gained further notoriety when Max Boyce wrote a song ‘Ringer was to blame’. As Max wrote: ‘He got there as fast as he could’.

Or as Wales prop Graham Price said of the game: ‘It was like World War Three but in them days referees didn’t tend to send players off, no matter what they did’.

“It was disgraceful refereeing,” recalls Ringer.”Their captain, Peter Wheeler, came over and said to the referee that if he didn’t send me off it would turn into a bloodbath. And that made up his mind for him.”

John Carleton, England winger: “I have discussed it time and time again and I am still not sure. He did run at John and he was quite high and there may have been some intent. But he did not make much contact.”

Ringer was banned for eight matches and failed to make the Lions Tour of South Africa.

He retired from the game in 1984 after a spell in rugby league playing with the Cardiff Blue Dragons.

Paul Ringer looks back

Have you got one of these? Paul Ringer is innocent badge?  Wear it today with pride!