4 March (1949) Prof. T. J. Morgan, Cambria College’s illness

  • 4 1949 (Fri.) Professor T. J. Morgan, Cambria College suffered a nervous breakdown due to strain through overwork. . He has been medically advised to cancel all public engagements. He has recently published a book of poetry and elocution pieces and currently preparing A Textbook of the Art of Adjudication.
  • 4 1949 (Fri.) Politicians speaking

‘I receive almost daily letters from Conservatives in Cardiganshire, indicating that they intend to support me at the next election’ Roderic Bowen MP

‘I have been struck during the time of my candidature by the number of Liberals in the county, and some who have supported the Liberal cause for many years, who have approached me of their own free will and wished me well’ Dr S G Little, prospective Cons candidate

‘Prospects for Socialism in Cardiganshire are very bright. Everyday farmers are coming over to our side’ Iwan Morgan, prospective Labour candidate

CTA report. Roderic Bowen won the next  election (1950) – until 1966.

  • 4 1949 (Fri.) CTA advert: Unsurpassed Library service: W. H. Smith, 18 High St., Cardigan. Join the finest library in England –TODAY!

                        12 m               6m                   3m

Preference     £3                    35/-                –

Postal              30/-                17/6               10/6

Class A            25/-                14/6               9/-

Class B            12/6               7/-                   4/-

30 January (1950) Opening of the Public Library

  • 30 1950 (Mon.) Opening Public Library. Ald Griffith Davies JP, chairman of County Joint Library Committee. 5000 books; 2000 novels, 2500 non-fiction, 500 Welsh.
  • 30 1852 (Fri.) Sale of smack ‘Maria’ by David Roberts, at White Hart Inn.
  • 30 1682 (Fri.) ‘Paramour’ of Cardigan, master Phillip Picton,  took 100 meise of white herring to Falmouth