Elephants in Eben’s Lane!

Elephants taking a short cut back from the Black Lion to the Netpool Safari Park!
No, seriously just a few elephants wandering around the town trying to promote a circus which had just arrived.
Note the ‘…CUS’ on the poster – lower right of the photograph. c. 1965.
The gentleman on the left was Cyril James (with possibly his wife Kathleen) , who lived in no. 7.

28 August (1940) Visit of Paulo’s Royal Circus

  • 28 1940 (Wed.) Visit of Paulo’s Royal Circus. Elephants, Daredevil riders, acrobats, teddy bears, monkeys, dogs, pigeons, wire-walkers, dancing horses, midget ponies, oriental mysteries, clowns. Adults: 1/3, 2/4, 3/6. Children 6d, 1/2, and 1/10
  • 28 1877 (Tues.) Contract (£204) for building North and West walls of the cemetery given to Messrs. W. Evans & John Thomas, Cilgerran.

24 July (1901) Arrival of the First Motor Car

  • 24 1901 (Wed.) Arrival of the First Motor car by T. M. Daniel. Its passage through the streets caused much commotion.
  • 24 1866 (Tues.) Steven’s Royal Menagerie & Foreign Legion of Birds and Beasts; Monsters of the Deep; Reptiles of the Land; the Great Lion Slayer; Tiger Tamer; and Serpent Charmer. The Menagerie will contain upwards of 100 specimens of all leading productions of the Animal World.

13 June (1951) Cardigan Musical Festival

  • 13 1951 (Wed.) Cardigan Musical Festival: Elijah in Bethania. Soprano Joan Alexander; Bass John Dethwick; Contralto Kathleen Joyce; Tenor Ritchie Thomas. Organist Prof. Edward Morgan. Admission 5/- and 3/6
  • 13 1936 (Sat.) Visit of Chapman’s Circus.
  • 13 1825 (Mon.) Performance of The Honey Moon or How to Rule a Wife! performed by Mr and Mrs Horsman, Mr and Mrs Frimbley, Mr and Mrs Colwell, Mr, Mrs and Master Potter, Mr Nickson, Mr Martin, and Mr Jones 12 in all – at the Theatre, Cardigan.