Cardigan People 20: John Weston; Eluned Griffiths

Coach and horses possibly in front of the Black Lion, Cardigan? The gentleman marked with a cross is John Weston, Market Lane (below). Does anyone recognize any of the other passengers? [with thanks to Dr Rhian Davies]
John Weston (centre) (1872–1964), saddler and coachman at the Black Lion.
A group of actors and a harpist. The person standing next but one to the harpist is Eluned Griffiths (below). Does anyone have any information about any of the other characters?
[with thanks to Dr Rhian Davies]
Eluned Griffiths (1917–1938) of the Royal Oak family, Quay St.

3 October (1952) Cardigan Island goes for £300

  • 3 1952 (Fri.) Cardigan Island sold for £300 to a native of Cardigan Mr E. Clarke of Walton-on-Thames
  • 3 1914 (Sat.) German employed at Cliff Hotel and another alien living at Cwmtirllwyd were arrested. Taken to Cardigan Police station and later transported to an internment camp.
  • 3 1831 (Mon.) Stage Coach service due to be run between Cardigan and Carmarthen. From Albion Hotel in Foundry Tce. at 8.00am returning following day from Ivy Bush at 10.00 am
  • 3 1821 (Wed.) William James, 29 executed for housebreaking and theft:

Ystyria lwybr dy draed a threfna dy holl ffyrdd yn uniawn  – Diarh 4, 26

Yn Aberteifi fe ddigwyddodd

Tro ar gyhoedd yr holl dre.

Eu fath ni fu ers ugain mlynedd

O’r blaen o fewn magwyry’r lle.

Dienyddiwyd ar y grogbren

Fachgen ieuangc heini llon

Trwy yspeilio a lladratta

Daeth ef i’r sefyllfa hon.

Composed by J. Lloyd, Cardigan on 13 Oct 1821.

Ballad printed by Evan Jones, Heol-y-prior, Caerfyrddin.

31 August (1886) What time does the 9 o’clock train depart?

The train won't be here until tomorrow.
The train won’t be here until tomorrow.

  • 31 1886 (Tues) Official opening of the Railway. There was little celebration on the day because ‘the time between the day fixed for the opening and the opening itself was too short to admit any organised demonstration, but there was  a good sprinkling of flags in the town’.

It was the following day (Wednesday) that the train started its journey from Cardigan.

20 August (1936) Visit of airman C. W. A. Scott

  • 20 1936 (Thurs.) C. W. A. Scott  visited Cardigan (British  airman who won the first England to Australia Air Race (2 days) and gave flying displays at Parcylan, Tredefaid.
  • 20 1939 (Sun.) The Mwldan flooded once again
  • 20 1966 (Sat.) Venetian Night in Cardigan brought thousands to the riverside. The Teifi looked like the Grand Canal!
  • 20 1984 (Mon.) Paul Ringer quits rugby

27 July (1885) Monthly Markets at Pensarnau began.

  • 27 1885 (Mon.) Monthly Markets at Pensarnau began. Posters and handbills circulated by N. W. Mitchell, Town Clerk.  When the railway arrived in 1886 an attempt was made to advertise the marts:

Here is Ysgawenydd, the local poet:

 The markets of late have suffered in town

Thro’ the want of conveyance close to the ground

Now the train is convenient and not far away

To carry the stock away the same day.

Good number of hurdles are here to keep,

Some for the cattle and some for the sheep.

And stables close by, and stalls all complete,

And corn, if required, or good hay to eat.

25 July (1964) Freddie Starr & Midnighters at the Black.

  • 25 1964 (Sat.) Freddie Starr & Midnighters appear at the Black Lion.
  • 25 1901 (Thurs.) T. M. Daniel commenced a motor car service to NCE in direct competition to the coach. A second car was introduced on 30 July. ‘It looks as if the scheme will be a permanent one’ said the Tivy-side.
  • 25 1876 (Tues.) Brickworks workers annual treat to Gwbert.

24 July (1901) Arrival of the First Motor Car

  • 24 1901 (Wed.) Arrival of the First Motor car by T. M. Daniel. Its passage through the streets caused much commotion.
  • 24 1866 (Tues.) Steven’s Royal Menagerie & Foreign Legion of Birds and Beasts; Monsters of the Deep; Reptiles of the Land; the Great Lion Slayer; Tiger Tamer; and Serpent Charmer. The Menagerie will contain upwards of 100 specimens of all leading productions of the Animal World.

5 May (1930) Flying trips from Banc y Warren!

  • 5 1930 (Mon.) Berkshire Aviation Tours running passenger tours from Banc y Warren – Esrom Evans’ property at Aelybryn.
  • 5 1884 (Mon.) Burial of John Rowland Daniel, 12 St Mary St, 52 year old house furnisher.
  • 5 1859 (Thurs.) Sinking of the ‘Mary of Cardigan’ carrying a cargo of Cilgerrran slates.

1 April (2013) Dinosaur egg found in Castle dig

  • 1 2013 (Mon.) Dinosaur egg found at Castle dig! Over the weekend what looks like a dinosaur’s egg has been discovered in the Castle grounds. A local scientist has reported that as soon as the Post Office opens on Tuesday the egg, weighing some 7.5 kg and measuring about 20ins across will be sent by post to Cardiff Museum for some DNA testing. If it is confirmed as a dinosaur’s egg, then the Castle site is obviously a lot older than previously thought.
  • 1 1959 (Wed.) Sidney J. Woolnough , deputy clerk of Dorking and Horley Rural Council, Surrey starts as Town Clerk.
  • 1 1889 (Mon.) End of the turnpike gates throughout the county. Northgate and Eastgate in Cardigan were removed.

11 March (1949) Re-opening of the Victoria Restaurant and Milk Bar, in Priory Street

  • 11 1949 (Fri.) Victoria Restaurant and Milk Bar – re-opened after renovation. Open until 10.00 p.m. daily. Lunches, teas, light refreshments, suppers, hot meals at all times. Rooms available for meetings and socials. Croeso i Bawb. Bert Hallam proprietor. Tel 231.
  • 11 1918 (Mon.) R. I. John was appointed as the new stationmaster.