1 April (2013) Dinosaur egg found in Castle dig

  • 1 2013 (Mon.) Dinosaur egg found at Castle dig! Over the weekend what looks like a dinosaur’s egg has been discovered in the Castle grounds. A local scientist has reported that as soon as the Post Office opens on Tuesday the egg, weighing some 7.5 kg and measuring about 20ins across will be sent by post to Cardiff Museum for some DNA testing. If it is confirmed as a dinosaur’s egg, then the Castle site is obviously a lot older than previously thought.
  • 1 1959 (Wed.) Sidney J. Woolnough , deputy clerk of Dorking and Horley Rural Council, Surrey starts as Town Clerk.
  • 1 1889 (Mon.) End of the turnpike gates throughout the county. Northgate and Eastgate in Cardigan were removed.