Cardigan People 45: Men on the march

Men only marching, about 1900. Arthur Ross Evans (with a flat cap and moustache, near the woman holding the baby) is in the middle of the photograph looking directly at the camera. The walkers are coming up Pendre, and walking by the Junior School (where the old Health Centre is today). The headmaster’s house was in front of the school. The wall and fence can be seen (back, left of the photo).
Where were they going? Well at the top of the photo someone is holding a banner with a light coloured cross on it.
In the window of the second house up from the school you can see a ‘Fry’s Chocolate’ advert in the window.
According to the 1901 Census Margaret Williams was living here between 1901 and 1914 with her children David Gwilym, Mary Elizabeth and John Huw.
I would be grateful for any additional information / suggestions. (Thanks again to S. G. King)

Cardigan Streets (and some people) 25: yesterday and today

Something a little different this time:

Cardigan? Hasn’t changed a bit.

A quick glance at John Speed’s 1610 map of Cardigan confirms that the basic layout of the High Street and principal side streets of the town have not changed in over four hundred years. However, consideration as to the usefulness of various buildings have ensured that changes have occurred over the decades…

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A guest blog by William Howells, the former County Librarian and a native of Cardigan.