Cardigan Castle

A level Craft, Design and Technology Project (1990): A vision of what Cardigan Castle could look like in the future …

Entrance to the castle

Children’s play area on the centre lawn

The castle walls

Gorsedd stones (Eisteddfod 1976) (bottom left)

Welsh Tea shop and Craft centre (centre)

Geler Jones’ Agricultural Museum (top right)

Staff car park (bottom right)

21 December (1897) Shooting at the Castle

  • 21 1897 (Mon.) Inquest to the death of Master George Aubrey Davies, who was found dead in his room on Saturday evening at Castle Green. He was discovered with a bullet wound to the head. The verdict was accidental death. He had only returned home from College on Thursday for his holidays. In 1890 his brother lost an arm through the explosion of a gun whilst shooting wild ducks in a boat on the Teifi.

5 August (1968) Graffiti on Castle walls: ‘Freedom not Royalty’

  • 5 1976 (Thurs.) National Eisteddfod: Chairing of the Bard: Alan Llwyd ‘Y Gwanwyn’ (Spring)
  • 5 1968 (Sun.) Graffiti on Castle walls: ‘Free Wales’ and ‘Freedom not Royalty’.  The mayor Percy Griffiths  was ‘absolutely disgusted’. 1969 was getting closer!
  • 5 1950 (Sat.) Miss Cardigan 1950 was… Miss Rita Ward, Melrose, Morgan St,  (a member of staff at Nugent’s the chemist)

1 June (1295) Edward I’s visit to Cardigan Castle

  • 1 1921 Town Council decided to tar-spray the main streets of the town for the first time.
  • 1 1866 (Fri.) First issue of the Cardigan and Tivy-side. Happy 147th birthday!

Its first editorial declared: ‘We intend making ‘all mankind our business’ – our native land particularly so; and our native town we shall consider under our peculiar care. Its interests, whether generally as a part of the body politic or locally, shall have our special advocacy; and whatever is calculated to advance its trade, to raise its political position, or to add to the social comforts of its inhabitants, shall have our hearty assistance’.

  • 1 1295 Visit of Edward I to Cardigan Castle. He stayed for 2 nights only. [Nothing much on in the Pav perhaps?]