Guildhall ClockCymraeg: Aberteifi drwy’r canrifoedd

Cardigan’s history from the Stone Ages onwards (with a few gaps here and there). I began by trying to record an event in Cardigan’s past on each day of the calendar year. I then tried to compile a list of events that happened throughout each calendar year.

There is also a large section of old school (Board, Primary, National and County) photographs.

Having accumulated a list of names of people who lived, or associated with Cardigan from census returns, chapel reports, trade directories, baptisms, weddings and burials in St Mary’s and burials in the town cemetery and any other published lists I have come across – I then started to collect PORTRAITS of each and every one. I have a list of some 20, 000 names and 313 photographs of individuals. Plenty of scope to add to the collection, PLEASE!

If you have any old photos of Cardigan people that you would be willing to include here please get in touch. If you are looking for any information of your ancestors please ask. (

This is very much a work in progress. Additions to the site are made as time and patience allows.
There is a SEARCH facility on the site for information in the Posts.

Also on Twitter as  @HanesAberteifi


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I have quite a number of photographs from long, long time ago, you are able to name people very well and I’d appreciate any help in naming people in the photographs but there is no way to contact you. You should have a ‘ID this person section’! Diolch


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