25 July (1964) Freddie Starr & Midnighters at the Black.

  • 25 1964 (Sat.) Freddie Starr & Midnighters appear at the Black Lion.
  • 25 1901 (Thurs.) T. M. Daniel commenced a motor car service to NCE in direct competition to the coach. A second car was introduced on 30 July. ‘It looks as if the scheme will be a permanent one’ said the Tivy-side.
  • 25 1876 (Tues.) Brickworks workers annual treat to Gwbert.

3 July (1927) Going, going…


The Brickworks chimney
The Brickworks chimney
  • 3 1927 (Sun.) Brickworks Chimney felled. It was due to be felled on the previous Saturday night but attempts were unsuccessful. It was brought down on the Sunday morning (!). Built in 1874 under the supervision of Mr William Woodward JP. The Brickworks were very successful for many years but the end came in the 1920s.

14 April (1879) 100,000 bricks for the dockyard at Pembroke Dock

  • 14 1879 (Mon) CARDIGAN BRICK, TILE & POTTERY WORKS are glad to be able to announce that Messrs. Miles, Woodward and Co. have again secured the contract for the supply of Her Majesty’s Dock-yard at Pembroke for the ensuing year, and have already received an order for 100,000 bricks which has to be completed forthwith. The contract in-cludes the supply of all pipes and pottery required in the dockyard during the year.

1 March (1963) Dick Richardson, the boxer visits the Cliff Hotel

  • 1 1983 (Tues.) Robin Morris-Jones starts his job as Town Clerk.
  • 1 1963 (Fri.) Visitor Dick Richardson, heavyweight boxer guest of Cardigan branch British Legion at Cliff Hotel.
  • 1 1880 (Mon.) Dr. John Thomas, age 49 was the first to be buried in the new cemetery.
  • 1 1879 (Sat.) Masons went on strike. The walls were cracking as soon as they were built. The trouble stemmed from the fact that the bricks and copings were not sufficiently burnt at the Brickworks.