8–14 July

  • 14 1944 (Fri.) Evacuees arrived by train from Forest Row School (Sussex).
  • 14 1880  (Wed.) Eisteddfod held at Bell Court – behind Pendre. Pavilion holding 5, 000. The Chief bard was Thomas Davies, Llwynysgaw (Ysgawenydd).
The Big Game
The Big Game
  • 13 1991 (Sat.) Clwb Pêl Droed Cwmderi (Pobl y Cwm) v. Barbariaid Aberteifi.
  • 13 1984 (Fri.) Final Service of Revd Tom Roberts, Tabernacle.
  • 13 1951 (Fri.) Visit of Duchess of Kent. Received at King George V playing fields (Parc y Reiffl).
  • 12 1900 (Thurs.) Burial of John Turner Mathias, Feidrfair, 43, Boot & Shoe Dealer
  • 12 1888 (Thurs.) Silver medal awarded to William Niles, coxswain of lifeboat for 29 years who saved 85 lives.
  • 12 1853 (Tues.) Death of Isaac Thomas (1820–53), publisher of Almanac y Cymro. It was printed by D.Leary & Co., Dublin to avoid printing tax. He was buried at the Baptist Chapel, Penybryn.
  • 11 1893 (Tues.) Death of John James, 13 Strand, smith, 81 years old.
  • 10 1953 (Fri.) Wally Barnes, Arsenal and Wales, was on holiday in Cardigan with his friend Aneurin James, Stepside Farm.
  • 10 1888 (Tues.) Foundation stone of the Brecon Old Bank was laid by Mrs. Lewis, wife of Mr. W. Lewis, J.P., the manager, in the presence of a large number of spectators.“The new building, when completed, will be very stately, and will form a very handsome addition to the business premises of the town.” The stone having been well and truly laid, the workmen, to the number of 44, were invited by the manager to a sumptuous dinner at the Coffee Tavern, prepared and served in first-class style by Mr. J. Carpenter.
  • 9 1859 (Sat.) Guildhall is finished. The Market Hall opened at 6.00 a.m.
Laying the Foundation Stone of the Guildhall, 1858
Laying the Foundation Stone of the Guildhall, 1858
  • 8 1858 (Thurs.) Foundation stone of the Guildhall laid by the then Mayor, Ald R. D. Jenkins, of Cardigan Priory at 2.00pm. Bells of St Mary’s rung; town cannon fired three rounds on the Netpool; 2 old soldiers Stevens and Macdonald were in charge of the cannon; police maintained good order; town crier announced the route of the procession on the eve of the event at about 6.00 pm.

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