15–21 June

J. Griffith Watts
  • 21 1982 (Mon.) J. Griffith Watts, former mayor, dies on holiday in Russia. A retired insurance official he was a member of the town council and served as mayor 1972–3.
  • 21 1973 (Thurs) Last chance to see ‘Cilwch Rhag Olwen’, by W. R. Evans at Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi.
  • 20 1854 (Tues.) David Davies, Ffrwdvale, Llandeilo appointed as Official Valuer of the Cardigan Common
  • 19 1980 (Thurs.) Funeral of Cardigan’s first (and only?) honorary freeman  – Hubert Maxwell Davies, Frontivy
  • 18 1760 (Sat) 1st official meeting of the Sea Sarjants, in the Long Room, Black Lion.
Revd John Williams (1850–1929)
Revd John Williams (1850–1929)
  • 18 1880 (Fri.) Revd John Williams begins his ministry in Bethania. He arrived in Bethania from Birkenhead. A native of Llansadwrn, he was a popular minister and a prominent individual in the political life of the town and county. He became a member of the Cardigan School Board in 1882, and a chairman of that body ten years later. In 1895 – a year before the new school opened – he became a chairman of the Board of Governers of the Secondary School and he remianed so until his resignation in 1913. He was elected again in 1929. He became a county councillor shortly after the establishment of the County Council in 1889 and he was a chairman twice, in 1894–5 and again in 1914–15. He was elected alderman in 1916.  He served on almost every committee on the County Council and he was chairman of the education committee for three consecutive years and a chairman of the police committee twice. He was also a member of the Court of Aberystwyth and Cardiff colleges for many years. In 1903 he became a member of the Board of Guardians and from 1911 onwards was the chairman. He was also chairman of the Cardigan and District Education Committee and a chairman of the local Pension committee. He served as a JP for may years.He also climbed the ranks within the Baptists and achieved presidency of the Baptist Union of Wales in 1905. He was a staunch Liberal and when he died in 1929 the officials of Bethania received a telegram from the former Prime Minister David Lloyd George:

‘Deeply regret to hear of the death of my old friend, Rev. John Williams … It will be a real loss not only to Cardiganshire but to Liberalism throughout Wales.’

Revd John Williams was probably one of the most influential person in Cardigan during the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 2oth century.

  • 17 1915 (Thurs.) Survivors of the HMS Majestic given a hero’s welcome. See also 26 March; 27 May
  • 16 1881 (Thurs.) Death of Sarah Emily Daniel, 13 year old daughter of John R. and Esther, St. Mary’s Street.
  • 15 1874 (Mon.) Mariah, wife of Solomon Blake, Mwldan, 50 years old, gives birth to her 20th child. A little sister (or brother) to David, William, Mary, Evan, Benjamin, Solomon, Richard, Thomas, John, etc

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  1. Solomon Blake was my 5th Great grandfather. Could you please send me some information regarding a source from which you learned that on the 15th of June 1874 Mariah gave birth to her twentieth child? I have the name, (it was a girl), but if you can provide me with a source, that would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing your research.

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