CONSTABLES of Cardigan Castle:

For full details see R. A. Griffiths, The Principality of Wales in the Later Middle Ages (UWales Press, 1972)

By 1514–15 Sir William Tyler, 1519–20, 1524 and 1526.
30.09.1527 Morris Parry


  • Michaelmas 1500–01 Guto ab Ieuan ap Dafydd ap Rhys; Gruffydd (Guto) ap Hywel ap Dafydd
  • Michaelmas 1501–02 Ieuan ap Philip; Gruffydd (Guto) ap Hywel ap Dafydd
  • Michaelmas 1514–15 Maurice ap Philip Tailor; Lewis (Llywelyn) ap Gruffydd ap Hywel
  • Michaelmas 1515–17 Richard (Rhys) ab Ieuan Tew; Wiliam Tailor
  • Michaelmas 1517–18 Rhys Albrey (Aubrey); Ieuan ap Philip
  • Michaelmas 1518–19 William Tailor; Rhys ap Dafydd ap Richard
  • Michaelmas 1519–20 Rhydderch ap Philip; John Sporyer
  • Michaelmas 1520–21 Thomas ap Rhys; Rhys (Richard) ab Ieuan
  • Michaelmas 1525–26 Hywel ap Dafydd ap Hywel; John ap Hywel

1566 Cardigan haven is a bad haven,… town inhabited with 55 households. No record of trade with Bristol