69-74 Waits Rifle Corps Fife Band 1869-74
1869 Cardigan Steam Navigation Co. ss Tivyside.
15/1 Rees Nicholas, Borough Treasurer and manager of Old Brecon Bank reminded Council that overdraft was £866.16s.8d. Council admitted the amount was correct. (No promise to reduce it!).
20/03 Margaret Lewis, smack launched by John Williams and son. Built for Capt. Thomas Lewis, St Dogmaels.
/5 Shares in C Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. had been taken up. The Tivyside was to be built on the Clyde at a cost of £2, 350.
14/5 1869  Capel Mair:  John Daniel given contract. Cost £1,049 + materials from demolition of Old Chapel.
24 May Mon. Work began to dismantle Capel Mair to build a new chapel (completed summer 1870).
11 /8 1869 Tivyside arrives from Clyde L 110ft, Beam 18ft, Depth of hold 8ft., Tonnage 64,HP 25. Speed 10 knots
09 Timothy Thomas, Cardigan Foundry secures a patent for a Grinding Machine.
21/9 Bells of St Mary’s rang out on the return of John Vaughan, Plas Llangoedmor and his new bride.
Thomas Colby, Pantyderi drawing packed crowds to the Guildhall to listen to his sermons
15 October: Richard the postman was given a new uniform.
ELECTION November: H. D. Davies, David Jones, J. Turnor Mathias, James Williams
10/11 Fair Day – the town was full of pickpockets.
6 December: W. Wagner Mitchell, solicitor was appointed as clerk of the Borough Council to succeed David Roberts.
17/12 Public meeting decided to sell 60 more acres of the Common, to reduce the Borough debt of £7,500 at 5%. Auction held on 12.4.1870 one plot of 5 acres sold at £335. ‘Too disappointing for words’ said a councillor.

The following were buried in St Mary’s Church cemetery:

  • Llewellyn, David son of John & Jane d at Dowlais 11/03/1869 aged 56 and interred at Pant ChurchMPJ14
  • Lloyd, Thomas, controller of Customs 05/05/1869 aged 69 MPB2
  • Roberts, Anne wi of David 22/05/1869 aged 69 FHPW42
  • Jones, Mary wi of Evan, hat manufacturer 20/06/1869 aged 54 MPM10
  • Powis, Thomas son of John & Phoebe 27/07/1869 aged 44 MPA1
  • Phillips, Mary sister of Eleanor 22/08/1869 aged 65 FHPW33
  • Jones, William, Capt husb of Mary their dau who lost his life at sea on a voyage from Philadelphia to Plymouth 17/09/1869 aged 41 HPW16
  • Roberts, David, auctioneer 24/11/1869 aged 67 FHPW42
  • Timothy, David Capt. 26/11/1869 aged 66 MPI14
  • Roberts, David clerk to Borough Magistrates succeeded by W W Mitchell
  • Villinger, Elizabeth 26/12/1869 aged 65 MPH3