• 12/1 Burial of Dr William Noot, aged 72 yrs
  • 4/6 Sunday Revd T. J. Morris begins his ministry in Capel Mair. Marries Elizabeth dau of James and Elizabeth Herring. James was the son of Revd John Herring, Bethania (1811–31). They had 6 children, 3 of each. 4th, Thomas Picton died young (2 yrs old).
  • April Memorial to J McCord – by public subscription placed over his grave (St Mary’s).
  • Mercantile Company formed
  • 1/9 Capt Gillespie and SS Sea Flower
  • November R D Jenkins moved from Priory to Cilbronnau Mansion
  • Mayor James Williams
  • December Board School Headmaster William Picton