Cardigan’s First Royal Charter:

Johannes Dei Gratia Rex Anglie… or

John, by the grace of God King of England Lord of Ireland Duke of Normandy and of Aquitaine Count of Anjou, etc Know that we have granted and by this our present charter have confirmed to our well beloved and faithful burgesses of Cardigan that they shall be quit of tolls and passage  an all customs which belong to us throughout our whole dominion except with regard to the city of London [there’s always a catch!] from Christmas next after our coronation for four years as long as they shall remain faithful to us and shall continue to be under our rule.

William Marshall Earl of Pembroke
R., Count of Eu.
R., Constable of Chester, etc

Given by the hands of S., Archdeacon of Wells and John de Gray. In poitu, 3 December, in the first year of our reign (1199)

[Info. given in a letter sent by Prof. L. V. D. Owen, of University College, Nottingham (a Cardigan (Lion Terrace) boy, in the CTA 25.3.1938

Another version:

“A document of 1199, sometimes said to be a borough charter, was a release from various dues for four years: this was renewed in 1230. The first extant charter, that of 1284, was confirmed and amplified throughout the middle ages and again in 1527. “