1610 John Speed’s map published

1652 Charles Price appointed parish vicar (Nonconformist connections).

1653 Mayor David Morgan

1654 Mayor Thomas Parry

1655 Mayor Rees Gwyn

1656 Mayor  Hector Phillips

1657 Mayor Abel Griffine

1658 Mayor Robert Lloyd

1659 Mayor Hugh Bowen

1660 Mayor  Rees Gwyn

1661 Earliest record in the Port Books:  ‘Mary of Wexford’ brought in a cargo of ‘divers merchandise’ from Bristol; Mayor Rees Gwyn.

1662 James Davies kept a grammar school; Mayor  Richard Johnes

1663 Mayor Abel Griffine

1664 Mayor John Morris

1665 Mayor Thomas Lewis

1666 10/4 Ship: Jonas carried a cargo of oats, barley, malt and wheat to Bristol; Mayor Hector Phillips

1667 23/3 Tryall of Milford carried a cargo of  ironmongery wares, line, mercury, haberdashery, brass and pewter, haircloth and tobacco pipes

1667 Charles of Bristol, went from Cardigan with a cargo of oats, malt and oatmeal to Bristol; Mayor Reynold Jenkins

1668 Mayor Matthew Griffine

1669 Mayor Bartholomew Young

1670 Mayor James Lloyd

1671 Mayor James Lloyd

1672 8 May James Davies is given a license to be an Independent minister in his own house; Mayor Arthur Bateman

1673 Mayor Robert Lloyd

1674 Mayor John Morris

1675 Mayor Thomas Lewis

1676 Mayor Henry Thomas

1677 Mayor Hector Phillips

1678 Mayor Thomas Lloyd

1679 Mayor James Lloyd

1680 Mayor Richard Lewis