Tabernacle Chapel had 236 members (176 women and 65 men). Treasurer was Thomas Thomas (1825–35).

7 Jan Carmarthen Journal: Advert to architects, etc Tenders needed for additions to the Gaol. Plan and spec with Mr Beynon. Clerk of Peace, NCE.

1825 John Jenkins was paid £5.18s for building the steps to the Shire Hall.

 13 /6 Performance of The Honey Moon or How to Rule a Wife! performed by Mr and Mrs Horsman, Mr and Mrs Frimbley, Mr and Mrs Colwell, Mr, Mrs and Master Potter, Mr Nickson, Mr Martin, and Mr Jones 12 in all – at the Theatre, Cardigan.

The following were buried in St Mary’s Churchyard:

  • 29/1 Eleanor Davies, dau of Benjamin & Mary aged 8
  • 6/2 Charles James, son of Joseph & Ann aged 9m
  • 12/2 Catherine Jones, aged 58
  • 17/3 Thos. Griffith, mariner son of Owen, shipwright aged 32
  • 7/10 George Jefferson, aged 17 drowned brig Active nr Cardigan Bar
  • 7/10 John Pratt, aged 22 drowned brig Active nr Cardigan Bar
  • 13/10 William Williams, master of brig Jane of Cardigan d at Limerick aged 52
  • 12/11 Mary Rees, dau of Thomas & Jane 12/11/1825 aged 11