The following were elected deacons in Capel Mair: Owen Picton Davies, St Mary’s St; Daniel Beynon Evans, glazier.

John Davies, MA was the headmaster of the Grammar School.
John Phillips was the first rate collector.

30.1 Sale of the ‘Maria’ by David Roberts at the White Hart
22.4 Birth of George Francis Miles, artist. Died 15.7.1891
3.5 Town Council decided that a bank account be opened by the Mayor on behalf of the Corporation with Messrs Wilkins Brecon Old Bank in High St.
6.9 Town Council opened a fund to purchase a hat and gown for the Mayor so that he could be properly robed for the official opening of Carmarthen Railway Station. Thomas Evans appeared in his mayoral robes for the first time.

The following were buried in St Mary’s Church cemetery: 

Davies, David eldest son of David & Lettice, petty officer of Roy Mail steam Packet Co’s ship Amazon, burnt Sun 04/01/1852 in 39th MPJ16
Davies, Elizabeth only dau of John & Letitia 05/02/1852 aged 26 C2
Davies, Mary wi of Thomas Davies 22/02/1852 aged 93 C10A
Langdon, Thomas 05/03/1852 aged 60 MPW21
Evans, Evan, gov of Co gaol 09/03/1852 aged 72 HPW59
Thomas, Thomas 09/03/1852 aged 85 MPK4
Jones, Samuel son of David & Ann 16/03/1852 aged 20m C13
Thomas, Elizabeth wi of Jonathan 05/04/1852 aged 39 MPN13
Davies, Thomas son of Roger & Eleanor 09/04/1852 aged 3w HPW70
Thomas, Jane dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth 23/04/1852 aged 3w MPN13
Thomas, Jonathan, clothier 25/04/1852 aged 46 MPN13
Jones, Ann dau of David & Elizabeth 30/04/1852 aged 5w MPM11
Thomas, John, ironmonger 8/07/1852 aged 19 B13
Thomas, Esther, SS teacher for 30 yrs dau of John & Elizabeth 08/07/1852 aged 55 MPF9
Jones, Margaret dau of Stephen, butcher 11/07/1852 aged 6w EW22
Morgan, Mary wi of David, currier 04/08/1852 aged 64 MPC2
Thomas, William, ropemaker 20/09/1852 aged 41 MPN4
Rees, Thomas, carpenter 03/10/1852 aged 84 HPW67
Charles, Thomas, esq, sol. 04/10/1852 aged 51 C60
Williams, David son of John by Elizabeth 07/10/1852 aged 5 EW34
Williams, Susannah dau of Capt Owen Williams, brig Europa, Cardigan by Margt wi 11/10/1852 aged 2 yrs 9m EW10
Evans, Jane wi of Lewis, sol. 18/10/1852 aged 74 D1
Williams, Mary Anne dau of Owen & Margt 24/10/1852 aged 4yrs 9m EW10
Davies, Anne dau of Joseph & Hannah 08/12/1852 aged 11m HPW100