Mayor 1886-7: Dr William Noott

Penny readings popular 65/66 = £38.6.8. taken at door for 24 meetings

23/3 1866 Rescue of the smack Elizabeth of Cardigan by the ‘John Stuart’ lifeboat
1/6 1866 CTA founded
/07 Threat of Cholera: 10 No pigs allowed in the town after 28 July 2) All householders ordered to limewash their houses inside and outside 3) 5 Lime brushes for free use of the poor hug outside the Public Buildings
24/7 1866 Tues Steven’s Royal Menagerie & For. Legion of Birds and Beasts. Monsters of the Deep. Reptiles of the Land. the Great Lion Slayer, Tiger Tames, and Serpent Charmer. The Menagerie will contain upwards of 100 specimens of all leading productions of the Animal World including the numerous Family of Lions of all grades…
1-2/8 1866 Semi national held in a wooden pavilion in field behind Bethania. Financial Failure probably due to cholera scare.
14/8 Lizzie Ellen lifeboat launched 73 tns. Builder John Wms
11/9 1866 Co decided to erect a wooden footbridge over the Mwldan brook. Horse and carts had to pass through the water.
14/9 1866 Case of cholera at Glanpwllafon. Pigs ordered to be removed from the town. Persistent pig holders included Revd Wm Jones and Mr Hughes, headmaster of the Grammar School.
22/9 Co decided to secure building as a house of refuge for cholera patients. Store-room in Bridge-end belonging to John Davies to be rented for 3 months for £2.10s.
Capt Geo Bowen,Plasnewydd charged the Mayor, Dr Wm Noott for not calling a public meeting to discuss the deplorable state of the Borough finances.
/11 North Gate and East Gate let to Percy James, London for £305. He secured letting of all the County Toll gates for £2,236.
/11 1st Singer Sewing Machine used by D Thomas, currier, Pendre
3rd Election [or possibly 1867?] : Dr John Thomas 223; Lancelot Lowther 222; Levi James 217; Benjamin Evans 181; John Lewis (innkeeper) 88; John Lewis (grocer) 57
14/12  1866  Hearse presented by David Davies, late coach-builder, to be used by Bethania members. Free use of all but ‘it belonged to Bethania’.
Penny Readings Pop Ald R D Jenkins supporter.

The following were buried in St Mary’s Church cemetery:

  • Griffiths, Sarah wi of John 20/01/1866 aged 68 FHPW6
  • Davies, Morris 08/02/1866 aged 63 HPW80
  • Jones, John son of Evan & Mary, hat manufacturer 24/02/1866 aged 19 MPM10
  • Elias, Eleanor wi of Evan, gardener 28/02/1866 aged 76 MPN10
  • Jones, Sarah wi of John, bookbinder 12/03/1866 aged 58 MPC11
  • Davies, John 17/03/1866 aged 38 HPW65 [Star of David]
  • Roberts, Evan son of David & Anne 03/08/1866 aged 32 HPW72
  • Lizzie Ellen lifeboat launched 73 tns. Builder John Wms
  • Jones, Elizabeth wi of Lewis 18/08/1866 aged 69 C18
  • Griffiths, Catherine Axhorn dau of John & Sarah 18/09/1866 aged 32 FHPW6
  • Davies, Anne wid of Benjamin, hatter 04/10/1866 aged 87 EW24
  • Llewellyn, John son of John & Jane 22/10/1866 aged 60 MPJ14
  • Lewis, Mary 25/10/1866 aged 40 HPW14
  • Evans, John drowned in Cardigan Bay 18/11/1866 aged 30 HPW37
  • Thomas, Anne wi of Thomas 24/12/1866 aged 69 A7