• 8/1 1872 Monday Fire at J. R. Daniel, Cabinet Maker, St Mary St. The Council decided that a fire brigade was needed in the town. It was intended to raise £102 by subscription. A fire engine did not appear until the 1930s! a second hand machine by the name of ‘Ada’, from Neath. Until then it was buckets only!
  • 8/1 1872  Oddfellows began in the town.
  • 12/01 Rate Collector John Roger Davies appointed
  • June  Capt Gillespie (Wiliam St?) built a novel pleasure boat
  • 9/ Town Clerk Lowther, Lancelot appointed assistant
  • 10/ Town Clerk Morgan, resigned (40yrs)
  • /10 Town Clerk W W Mitchell appointed for 1 year  – unpaid post
  • /11 Mayor Levi James
  • 31/11 Bridge widened and improved