• 1/1 Thurs. School Board Concert held at the Guildhall in aid of the Board School Clothing Club.
  • 3/1 Sat. A wedding at the Register Office: Owen Thomas Owens, Brighton and Anne Owens, Bridge-end.
  • 4/1 Sun. A son was born to John Sharpe and his wife, Pendre.
  • 5/1 Mon. Weekly Council Meeting: Dr Phillips was welcomed as a new councillor.
  • Borough Petty Sessions: PC Jones charged Mary Jones, Fat Ox for selling intoxicating drinks during prohibited hours, at 10.40. pm.
  • Weekly School Board meeting.
  • 7/1 Wed. Weekly Board of Guardians meeting
  • 8/1 Thurs. Death at Pendre, of Revd James Owen, vicar of Llechryd, aged 78 years.
  • 10/1 Sat S.S Sea Flower was recorded to have made a remarkably quick passage to Bristol last week. She left Bristol on Sat. at 5.00 pm and arrived at Cambrian Wharf, Cardigan at 8.00 Sunday morning. Whole journey took 15 hours.
  • 14/1 Wed. Monthly meeting of the Cards. CM at Tabernacle.
  • 15/1 Thurs. Cardigan Assizes met at the Shire Hall.
  • 17/1 Sat. Death of Mrs Catherine Davies, Pwllhai, aged 59 years.
  • 18/1 Sun. Wife of William Owens, Catherine Row, gave birth to a daughter.
  • 21/1 Wed.

Mr H. Clerk Lowther, officer on board the S.S. Circassia  married Helen, the eldest daughter of Mr L. Lowther, 9, St. Mary’s Street (in Glasgow).

Meeting of the Eisteddfod Committee: £5.5s offered for the best ode on the Death of the Prince Imperial. Some local bards were not happy. In a letter in 31.1.1880 edition of the Cardigan Observer Ivor Wyn wrote:  ‘It is evident that introducing a political theme like the above will not tend to make the Eisteddfod a success. Let us have non-political subjects, upon which all can agree.’

  • 22/1 Thurs. Town Co meeting: Repairs needed for the Drawbridge. It only required one additional beam on the upper side. It was agreed that John Thomas be engaged to do the work.
  • Grammar School walls: Several members remarked that the headmaster (Mr Palmer) should do a bit of the painting himself, as he had the room free of rent!
  • Railway: Co. wanted to know what was going on.
  • Netpool: complaints as to the state thereof.

Sad Case of Drowning

  • 24/1 Esther Davies, wife of Enoch, Upper Mwldan sadly drowned on Saturday night. According to the inquest she had called in with Mrs Martha Bateman’s shop in Quay St about 10.30 pm and left saying she felt a little tipsy. The street led down to the Quay, and straight towards the river.Her body was found fast to the chain of a smack by the gas-house on Sunday afternoon. The jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned in the Tivy,” and recommended that a gate or a door be erected at the entrance of the Quay, the same to be closed at night, so as to prevent accidents m future.
  • 29/1 Thurs. Death of Caroline, St Mary’s St., aged 44 years, wife of David James, mariner.
  • Robbery in Bridge Parade
  • 30/1 Fri Rosser Rees, of Merthyr stole 2 florins and a 2d in copper from the till of Mrs James, Bridge Parade. Prisoner was sentenced to 14 days, and 5 years in a Reformatory.


  • 2/2 Mon
  • Death of Miss Sarah Williams, aged 61 years, Bridge St.
  • Wedding: Mr. Parry James (son of Mr. D. James, coach builder, Cardigan, and manager for Mr. J. Lewis, jeweller), and Mrs Vaughan (of the firm of Frazer and Vaughan), and widow of the late Mr. John Vaughan, builder, of Tredegar, were married.
  • 3/2 Tues. Wedding of Mr. Benjamin James, Eben’s Lane, Cardigan, to Miss Margaret Morris, St. Dogmaels (at Bethania Chapel).
  • 8/2 Sun. Birth of a daughter to the wife of Mr. William Morris, Old Market Square, Engineer of S.S. ‘Sea Flower’.
  • 10/2 Tues.
  • Birth of a daughter to the wife of Llewellyn Prothero, mariner, Castle St.
  • Wedding of M. H. Tamblyn, Swansea to 2nd dau of D. Charles, William St
  • ‘Good Templarism is now again becoming one of the leading features in Cardigan.’
  • 15/2 Sun. Revd J. Ossian Davies resigned the pastorate of Tabernacle, Llanelli. Accepted a call to Lady Huntingdon’s Church, Swansea.
  • 16/2 Mon.  
  • Birth of a son to the wife of Griffith Griffiths, St Mary’s Lane.
  • W. H. Bateman, Quay St. fined for selling beer and whisky without a license.
  • Cardigan Literary Society meeting: Subject of the debate: ‘Whether the services of the Statesman or Warrior have been conducive of the greater mutual good’.
  • 19/2 Thurs.
  • Death of Martha Jane, aged 17 years,  dau of William Charles, grocer, Tredegar.
  • Before the Borough Magistrates: Henry Lewis, cockle dealer, Laugharne charged John Owens, Cnwcydintir (Captain Pwt) with having assaulted him with the blade of a shovel on the 12th, near the Queen’s Head, Pendre. Fined 26s incl. costs, in default a month’s imprisonment.
  • 20/2 Fri. Death of Ald. Thomas Edwards, 68 years old, businessman, served as mayor, alderman, magistrate an for 35 years a deacon at Tabernacl chapel.
  • 24/2 Tues. Meeting of the Cardigan Burial Board: heated exchanges due to problems with the bricks used in the Cemetery walls.
  • 25/2 Wed. Funeral of Thomas Edwards, and interment in St Mary’s Churchyard.


  • 1/3 Mon. Dr John Thomas 14.3.1841–1.3.1880: Death of Dr Thomas, 58 Pendre, in his 49th year. He had been married for only 3 months. He had been seriously ill for some time. Born in Cardigan and attended Cardigan Grammar School till he was 15 years. He then went to sea for 6 years. His father and mother died while he was at sea. At the age of 21 he was determined to enter the medical profession. He became an apprentice to Dr Bevan for 5 years; became a student at St Bartholomews, London. He gained the chief prize for Anatomy. He married first in 1854. On his return to Cardigan he became a leading spirit of the Liberal party. He was elected to the Town Council and was an alderman, mayor and magistrate. Appointed chairman of the school board on its formation, which he held until his death. He was one of the first to support the Rifle Corps movement when it first started, and remained in the corps as surgeon during his life. He was a consistent member of the Calvinistic Methodist cause at Tabernacl. . As to public speaking, he used to say, ‘Never mind the words, be in earnest, and you will speak with effect.’ To illustrate how he was held in admiration by his friends and opponents in political affairs, when his name was mentioned in the Council on the morning of his death, the whole Council gave way to tears.
  • The funeral took place on Friday morning last, at 11 o’clock, amidst universal signs of respect. The cortege was one of the largest ever witnessed in this town, business and work having been entirely suspended. He was the first to be buried in the new cemetery although it had not been formally opened.
  • Controversy concerning Consecration of the new cemetery: Classic case of Nonconformist v Anglican Church. The Vicar was determined that the ground be consecrated at the expense of the Cardigan Burial Board, that is to say, out of the poor rates of the parish. The Nonconformists were not happy.
  • 16/3 Tues. Wife of J C Roberts, 2 Albion Tce., gave birth to a son.
  • 16/3 MUNICIPAL ELECTION: William James, ironmonger 267 v J R Daniel 192. Immediately the news was declared the streets became a regular Babel—singing, shouting, cannonading, and fireworks of every description being freely indulged in, which was continued up to a late hour. [And listen to this:] The police and civilians had several sharp tussles with one another. The police, being overpowered, were oblige to retire. Hardly at any general election was so much excitement manifested.
  • All Cardigan seemed to have turned out; there were about three thousand present at the meeting.
  • 21/3 Sun. Wife of John Jenkins, Pendre gave birth to a son.
  • 22/3 Mon. Death of Mary, wife of David Rees, mariner, aged 54 years.


  • 3/4 Sat. Revd John Williams, Birkenhead has accepted a call to Bethania.
  • 5/4 Mon. Visit of Lewis Pugh MP to thank the electors for returning him to represent them in Parliament.
  • JPs appointed: Levi James, W P Evans, J H Miles and Wm Woodward – 3 Churchmen in stead of the 3 Nonconformists who have died!
  • 28/4 Tues. Death of Thomas Watkins, Bridge End, carpenter aged 83 years.


  • 1/5 Fri. Death of former resident Evan Jones, hatter, aged 65 years at Swansea.
  • 13/5 Thurs William Harry (Professor) Bateman before the magistrates (again)  for disturbing the peace.
  • References to the ‘Corporation Aquarium’ as a frog is found in the town’s water supply.
  • Columns of print in the Cardigan Observer v. Tivy-side (referred to as the Tizer) re. issues of Nonconformity v Church (School Board rates, Consecration of the Cemetery).
  • 17/5 Whit Mon. General Holiday.
  • 20/5 Thurs. Town Council meeting: Improvements had been made to the Water supply.


Foundation stone had been laid by William Davies (now MP for Pembs.) on 11.9.1878. A service was held in Bethania Monday evening with sermons by Revd Seth Jones, St Dogmaels and Revd James Owen, Swansea . Tues at 10: in the new chapel Revd James Owen, Swansea (in Welsh) and Revd T. Williams (in English) officiated. At 2.00 Revd W. Haddock, Blaenffos (in Welsh) and Revd T. Williams (in English) At 6.00 pm at Bethania Revd T. Williams (in Welsh) and Revd J. Owen (in English).

The building was made of Cardigan Brick.

The entrance is of richly carved Bath stone, supported in the centre by a column with ornamental capital. There are narrow, circular-headed windows with Bath stone sills and copings, on either side the entrance, which is surmounted by a double window with ornamental coping and carved arch, in Bath stone. The front is terminated at the top by a neat iron finial. On entering, there is a capacious lobby, upon which the approaches to the gallery abut. Admission to the chapel is gained through two double doors of clear varnished pitch pine, with ornamental bronze pulls, at either extremity of the lobby. Inside, the pews are of pitch pine, clear varnished, open and commodious, with book ledges and foot boards. The rostrum is of a similar material, ornamented with iron lattice work between the pillars in dark blue. The interior will be lighted by a chandelier in blue and gold, suspended from the centre of the ceiling, and by two ornamental treble jet uprights, in blue and gold, on either side of the rostrum. The reading desk is elevated above the rail of the rostrum on iron supports. The roof is close ceiled, with varnished pitch pine beams in sight, which are supported by richly carved Bath stone trusses. The gallery rail is of varnished pitch pine, supported by an ornamental lattice work of iron painted dark blue. The gallery is supported by two iron pillars, in blue and gold, with ornamental capitals. Light is obtained through narrow circular-headed windows at each side, of milled glass. The centre window in the front has a border of stained glass, and underneath the gallery is a richly stained antique window. The aisles are paved with neat parti-coloured tiles manufactured at the Cardigan Brick Works. The plot of ground on which the building stands is neatly planted with shrubs, and is surrounded by a dwarf wall and ornamental iron railing, with handsome gates. All the iron work about the building is from Mr. Woodward’s foundry, Mwldan. The building, which will seat 350 persons, has cost about £1200, of which £850 has already been subscribed. The architect was Mr. George Morgan, of Carmarthen and Mr. W. Woodward, of this town, was the contractor. Joseph Rees, chemist presented the Church with an organ; Mrs Thomas Thomas, 32 High St presented a richly ornamented purple velvet cushion for the reading desk.

  • 25/5 Tues. Wife of John Edwards, 22 Quay Street, plasterer gave birth to a daughter.
  • 26/5 Wed. Death of the son of Capt. J. O. Griffiths, aged 16 days.


  • 2/6 Wed. Death of 5 month old daughter of John Henry James, Greenfield Row.
  • 4/6 Fri. Death of 15 year old Margaret Griffiths, daughter of Capt. J O Griffiths, Pendre.
  • 8/6 Tues Wedding of Revd J. Ossian Davies, Swansea and Elizabeth Thomas, Llwynhendy (at Priory St Cong., Carmarthen).
  • 17/6 Thurs. Co discuss site of new reservoir; and providing water supply to Greenfield Sq., Greenfield Row, Mwldan and Eben’s Lane.
  • 26/6 Sat Public meeting to discuss railway extension from Crymych to Cardigan.


  • Unconsecrated portion of the Cemetery declared open. Bp of St David’s will consecrate the Church part of the ground on 15/7.
  • 5/7 Mon Meeting to discuss arrangements to hold a regatta.
  • 7/7 and 8/7 Wed and Thurs. Services in connection with the recognition of Revd John Williams as minister of Bethania.
  • 21/7 Wed EISTEDDFOD. The pavilion hired held 5000.
  • 24/7 Sat. Eisteddfod was regarded by some as a failure. There were complaints about the subject of the ode (awdl); indifference shown by local choirs; high prices of admission; and the people in the back rows couldn’t hear anything.
  • Wednesday half-holiday was not observed by two draper shops!
  • 27/7 Wed. Excursion organised for the patrons of the SS Sea Flower. 9.45 start- back at 11.00 pm.
  • 30/7 Fr. Temperance lecture at Tabernacl by Dr Schofield, superintendent for Wales.


  • 3/8 Tues. Wedding of Charles Davies, (Alaw Meudwy), Llanelli to Martha Davies, Pwllhai at Tabernacle Chapel, Llanelli.
  • 9/8 Mon. Death of Benjamin Griffiths, Old Market Sq, aged 79 years.
  • 10/8 Tues. Excursion to Fishguard organised by SS Tivyside.
  • 13/8 Fri. Death of Miss Mary Williams, at Mwldan, formerly of Eben’s Lane, aged 76.
  • 18/8 Wed. Organ recital given by Mr Gower at St Mary’s Church. Large attendance of the local gentry.
  • 19/8 Thurs. Mt Zion Sunday school trip to Gwbert.
  • 24/8 Tues. Another Steamboat excursion: SS Sea Flower to Milford.
  • 25/8 Wed. Tabernacle SS trip to Gwbert.
  • 30/8 Mon. Lecture at Bethania by Revd O. Waldo James, ‘Let every one mind his own business’.


  • 1/9 Wed. Sunday School demonstration to celebrate centenary. Procession of 1500-2000 headed by the mayor Wm Woodward and local ministers.
  • 1/9 Wed. Regatta held on the Teifi above the bridge. Proceedings began at 3.30 pm
  • 4/9 Sat. HMI Report of St Mary’s School: school is in good order and has made a very decided improvement during the year.
  • Letter page: complaints as to the habit of youths of cursing and swearing.
  • 9/9 Thurs. Ragged school outing to Gwbert.
  • 11/9 Sat. Death of David Evans, ship carpenter of Catherine Row at Odessa, aged 41 years.
  • 13/9 Mon. Meeting of the School Board to discuss whether attendance should be made compulsory.
  • 14/9 Tues. Concert at the Guild-hall by Hirwen Jones.
  • 15/9 Wed. Death of Elizabeth Davies, sister of late Henry Davies, Quay House, aged 61 years.
  • 18/9 Sat. Death of D. Rowlands formerly Inland Revenue Officer at 10 Pendre, aged 68 years.
  • 20/9 Mon Wedding at Tabernacle: David Jones, master of the brig Sarah Ann of Cardigan and Ellen Lewis, dau of Griffith Lewis, grocer and postmaster of Aber-porth.
  • 21/9 Tues. Lecture in the Guild-hall: ‘The Lost ten tribes of Israel – where are they?’ by J. L. George of Stroud.