Front row: girl on extreme right Juliana Phillips [?]


Teacher seated centre: John Adams-Lewis

Gilbert & Sullivan 1

Standing right: Dilwyn Young-Jones. Seated on his right Pauline Lloyd [?]

Gilbert & Sullivan 2
1960s: Gilbert & Sullivan 3

Left (ish) Hugh Gwynne [?]

1960s The Lonely Road



Back row, l-r: Angela James, Hedydd Thomas, Dilys James, Jennifer Williams

Front row, l-r: Anthea Hamilton, Glenys Owen, Barbara Williams, Non Rowlands

1960s Rugby

Back row, l-r: Huw Lewis, ?, ?, Haydn [?], ?, ?, Wyn Lewis

Middle row, l-r: D.O.P. Thomas, ?, John Fletcher [?],  Gareth Edwards, Roy James, ?, Hywel Williams

Front-row, l-r:Calvin Davies [?], ?, Richard Jones, ?, Alun Thomas, ?, ?

1960s Class

Teacher: Alun Davies (Streaky)

1962/3 Class


1963/4  Class

Back row, l-r: James France, Malcolm Morris, David Underhill, Barry ?, Hywel Smith, David Evans, Geraint Lewis, John Prytherch, Kenneth Thomas, Phillip Davies, Gerallt Morgan

Middle row, l-r: Werner Schuler, Richard Williams, Lynne Jones, Hedydd Thomas, Anthea Hamilton, Jennifer Williams, Anona James, Anabelle Rowland, Barbara Williams, Susan Davies, Martin Jones, Alan Hipman.

Front row, l-r: Barbara Howells, Sheila Davies, Christine Braybrook, Glenys Owen, Angela James, Non Rowlands, Sandra Roberts, Katherine Plowright, Frances Dowding, Jacqueline Pearce, Nest Lewis, Heidi Robens.

1963, Iolanthe
1963, Iolanthe [?]
1964, Christmas Concert Programme
1964, The Demetian, July


The Demetian: Beeching


The Gondoliers Programme 1
The Gondoliers, cast