26 March (1969) Burial of Tommy Jeremiah – a survivor of the sinking of HMS Majestic, 1915

26 1969 (Mer.) Burial of Thomas Jeremiah, 80, 8 Eben’s Lane, who survived the sinking of the HMS Majestic, which sank on 27 May 1915. The ship was taking part in the Gallipoli Campaign. Local sailors were saved: Tom Parry Jenkins, George and Peter Davies, Willie Davies, Tommy Jeremiah, Tom Jones, David Jones, John Jones and David Williams – apart from one – Tom Evans, St Dogmaels.

30 January (1950) Opening of the Public Library

  • 30 1950 (Mon.) Opening Public Library. Ald Griffith Davies JP, chairman of County Joint Library Committee. 5000 books; 2000 novels, 2500 non-fiction, 500 Welsh.
  • 30 1852 (Fri.) Sale of smack ‘Maria’ by David Roberts, at White Hart Inn.
  • 30 1682 (Fri.) ‘Paramour’ of Cardigan, master Phillip Picton,  took 100 meise of white herring to Falmouth

8 January (1872) Fire at J. R. Daniel

  • 8 1872 (Mon.) Oddfellows movement instituted in Cardigan. Some will claim to have seen odd fellows in Cardigan before this date!
  • 8 1872 (Mon.) Fire destroyed premises of J. R. Daniel, Cabinet Maker, St. Mary’s Street. The Council met and decided to purchase a Fire Engine. A manual Fire Engine cost £102. The money was to be raised by public subscription. Not really surprising then that a second hand fire engine (called ‘Ada’ from Neath), was not bought until the early 1930s! Until then it was buckets only.
  • 8 1867 (Tues.) ‘John Stuart’ lifeboat rescues the ‘Coronation’ of Bideford.

3 January (1682) sailings

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3 1682 (Tues.) Ffisher of Milford, master John Thompson, sailed from Cardigan to Dartmouth with a cargo of 60 brls of herring.

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