Cardigan National School 1955

The 3 sections (a, b, c) below have been further divided into 9 sections (left to right) in order to help recognize the faces. If you do recognize anyone please forward names. Please use the comment button (bottom right of your screen). 

From Keith Ladd’s extensive collection.

5 2nd row, l-r, Sheila Jones, Avril Morgan, Mary Phillips, Gillian Daniels, ? 4th row, l-r, R. L. Peregrine, headmaster, ?, Haydn Davies. ? 5th row, l-r, Keith Ladd
9 3rd row, l-r, 5th Enid Woolf
14th Row, seated, l-r 3rd Mervyn Pearce
4 4th row, seated, l-r Alun Jones, ?, Andrew Williams, Mrs Francis [?], Watts [?],