5 April (1978) Burial of Trevor Williams, manager of the Pav

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams
  • 5 1978 (Wed.) Burial of Trevor Williams, 6 Williams Terrace, manager of the Pav.
  • 5 1958 (Sat.) Famous Pwllheli Welsh Brown rock (no. 8) and the delicious “cyflaeth” home-made treacle toffee will be sold at the Market Buildings.

2 thoughts on “5 April (1978) Burial of Trevor Williams, manager of the Pav

  1. We used to go to Pav back in the 50’s & 60’s and Mr Williams was known to us as Trigger Trev and if you made a lot of noise in the pictures he would come and give you a couple of clouts so that everyone else could watch the film.Most of the time he was down in the Gods as we used to call it. (down the very front row) A very nice man I remember once going to the Pav to paint the screen with magicoat paint, I was an apprentice at the time for Mr J Glyn Evands of Adelphi Buildings Cardigan, and the screen looked perfect after a coat of magicoat. Poor old Trigger Trev RIP.


    1. My memories include: one New year’s day – in the 60s – free entrance for kids to the Pav. Davy Crockett was on. When the song “Davy, Davy Crockett…” started up all the children started joining in. The film was stopped straightaway. Trevor marched down to the front and gave one warning – any more singing and we would all be going home early. Needless to say there was no more singing from the audience!


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