1 August (1976) National Eisteddfod begins

1976 National Eisteddfod
1976 National Eisteddfod
  • 1 1976 (Sun.) National Eisteddfod: Morning Service from the Pavilion at 10.00. Theme: ‘The Christian Watchfulness’. President:  Revd. D. Rhys Thomas; Call to Worship: Revd Milton G. Jenkins, Bethania; Recitation: Parti Ebeneser, Dyfed; Côr Tannau Teifi, conductor Alun Tegryn Davies; Reading by Revd. A. J. Davies; Eisteddfod Choir : conductor Terence Lloyd; Prayer : Revd Tom Roberts, Tabernacl; Sermon: Revd D. J. Roberts, Capel Mair; Blessing : Father Seamus Cunane. Harpists: Sybil Milton-Jenkins, Barbara Morris and Buddug Stephens.
  • 1 1905 (Tues.) Launch of the Elizabeth Austin lifeboat.

2 thoughts on “1 August (1976) National Eisteddfod begins

  1. I was there… As one of a handful of English students at the Grammar School I played Henry II in the Pageant. I can still remember my lines – all in Welsh of course, but with an impeccable English accent


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