17 October (1880) Ten baptised in the Teifi

  • 17 1880 (Sun.) Ten persons were baptised in the river Teifi, at the Netpool, by the Rev. J. Williams, minister of Bethania Baptist Chapel, on Sunday afternoon last, in the presence of a large concourse of people. They were:

Griffith Griffith, son of Thomas Griffiths, grocer, Pendreuchaf; John Williams, son of William Williams, carpenter, Pendre isaf; David Jenkins, son of John Jenkins, waggoner, St. Mary’s St; James Thomas, sailor, Feidrfair; Anne Davies, daughter of Thomas Davies, a worker at Parcytrap; Anne Thomas, daughter to the wife of John Jenkins, stonemason, Pendre uchaf; Rachel Griffiths, daughter of John Griffiths, tinman, St Mary’s St; Frances Heyes, White Hart, St Mary’s St; Anne James, daughter of David James, Eben’s Lane and Margaret Jones, maidservant Mr Levi James, the ironmonger.



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