Saturday Night at the Black: review by Lyn Ebenezer (Cambrian News 16 March 2017)

… a highly revealing book, which looks at the rock sub-culture of the ’60s and its relevance to one town. But its relevance to Cardigan is relevant to Wales as well.      … Cardigan in the ’60s was Wales’s pop-singing capital.

… The book is much more than a slab of nostalgia. No, it’s a reasoned chronicle of the forces which changed society for young people.

… This is one of the most interesting books I have read for a long time. It contains many interesting anecdotes, and is full of pictures of bands, the tickets, the programmes, newspaper cuttings and general memorabilia of the time.

… It is a volume you can turn to again and again, open any page and enjoy every word.

Lyn Ebenezer

Read the full review in the Cambrian News 16 March 2017

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