Cardigan People 12: Where’s Willy 1935/6?

G M on the front wall of the Guildhall indicates George V who reigned from 1910 until 20 Jan 1936.

I have enlarged the above photograph and divided it into sections to make it a little easier to see the faces. In the captions beneath each photo an attempt has been made to name the individuals numbered. If you recognize anyone (all suggestions welcomed) please let me know. Ask your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents!
Bottom Left 1
1 Trevor Williams, the Pav
Any other names, please?
Top Left 1
1 Wynford Williams
; policeman (right) PC Eddie Jones?
Bottom 2
1 Miss Davies, North Rd.; 2 Fred Lewis, Pendre; 3 policeman PC Eddie Jones? ; 4 policeman?; 5 Owen Williams
Bottom 3
1 Owen Richards; 2 Gwylfa Richards; 3 Arthur Lewis; 4 Idris Harper, Finch Sq.; 5 ?Maggie Evans, Green St
Bottom 4
1 David Jones, Tivy-side; 2 to his left = ?John Jones, China Shop; 2 ?; 3?;
Bottom 5
1?; 2?; 3 postman?; 4 ?Dr Lyn
Mayor and Councillors 1
5 Hubert Davies; 10 David J. Rotie, mace bearer; 11 Arthur Thomas, Ealing Dene; 13 David Williams, Greenfield Row 15 John Evans, headmaster?
Mayor and Councillors 2
2 John Jenkins, Hillside; 3 Tom James, Trebared; 6 Dan Williams, Y Bwthyn; 7 Jim Thomas, Commercial; 9 John Williams, mace bearer
Top Right 1
Policemen?; Girl Guides; Soldiers
Top Right 2
Soldiers, etc.

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