1–7 December

  • 7 1964 (Mon.) Inauguration of the Cardigan Rotary Club, at the Cliff Hotel with 27 founder members. Chartered on 10 Feb 1965 at the Dragon Hotel, Swansea.
  • 6 1968 (Thurs.) Price of the Tivy-side increasing to 6d (2.5p)
  • 5 1947 (Thurs.) Cardigan Town Council decide to open their meetings with a prayer.
  • 4 1900 (Tues.) Burial of William Cynog Davies, Vicarage, 67 year old former vicar of St Mary’s Church.
  • 3 1898 (Sat.) Burial of Trevor Stephen Richards, Heathfield, 5 year old son of W. R. (Bank Cashier)
  • 2 1936 (Wed.) Grand Celebrity Concert at the Pav: Cardigan County School Choir. Conductor: Leslie W. Evans; Bass-Baritone: Idris Daniels; Tenor: Haydn Adams; Soprano: Jennie Evans-Jones; Contralto: Mattie Davies; with Dan Matthews, Pontardulais.
  • 2 1887 (Fri.) First Salvation Army funeral: Thomas Davies,  Mwldan.
  • 1 1966 (Thurs.) Storm caused the  chimney at Bingham House to crash through the roof

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