22–31 December

  • 31 1983 (Sat.) Bon Marche closed. When the shop opened in 1907: “The support of the upper structure of the premises is by an iron girder weighing over five tons, which does away with all columns, and gives additional space internally. It is the first of its kind in Cardigan.”
  • 31 1887 (Sat.) Reported that a crayon study by Frank Miles was to appear in the January edition of Cassell’s Magazine.
Ail Symudiad
Ail Symudiad
  • 30 1983 (Fri.) Ail Symudiad: farewell concert? Blaendyffryn with Eryr Wen, Treiglad Perffaith and Datblygu.
Ail Symudiad, Geiriau

29 1939 (Fri.) 146th left Cardigan for Llandudno for training.
28 1879 (Sun.) Death of Thomas Morgan, esq., Solicitor, at St. Mary-street, aged 70 years.
27 1898 (Tues.) Burial of John James Morris, 19 years old son of Revd T. J. Morris, Capel Mair.
27 1888 (Thurs.) Burial of David P. Walters, The Strand, 52, mariner
26 1936 (Sat.) Cardigan County School reunion of old pupils with a hockey and rugby match. Tea in Central Hall at 4.00

And then the Lord Rhys held a special feast at Cardigan, and he set two kinds of contests: one between the bards and the poets, and another between the harpists and the crowders and the pipers and various classes of string-music. And he set two chairs for the visitors in the contests. And those he enriched with great gifts. And then a young man from his own court won the victory for string-music. And the men of Gwynedd won the victory for poetry. And all the other minstrels received from the Lord Rhys as much as they asked, so that no one was refused. And that feast was proclaimed a year before it was held throughout Wales and England and Scotland and Ireland and many other lands.

1176 Brut y Tywysogyon

23 1880 (Thurs.) D M Palmer Headmaster:

I have had the honour of examining the scholars of the Grammar School, Cardigan, in the Greek and Latin languages, in French, and Scripture History, and it affords me very great pleasure to be able to send in the following report:

The work done by the senior classes in the Aenid of Virgil, in Cicero’s De Senectute, and in Caesar’s Gallic Wars, respectively, as well as in the Anabasis of Xenophon, was highly satisfactory.

The various extracts from the originals were, as a rule, very faithfully rendered in English, though some excelled the others in the elegancy and correctness of their composition.

I was also very much pleased with the accuracy of many of the papers in French Grammar. The translation of the extracts from Charles XII, was, on the whole, very correctly done.

The good old days before PISAS and SATS!

  • 22 1897  (Tues.) Burial of Pritchard Evans, Napier St, 1 year old, son of Evan the carpenter.

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