8–14 December

  • 14 1866 (Fri.) Hearse presented to the town by David Davies, late coach-builder.
    • Revd T. J. Morris, 1846–1908

      • 13 1908 (Sun.) Death of the Revd T. J. Morris, minister of Capel Mair 1876–1908. He was buried on the 17 December. A native of Llanelli where he was born on 10 February 1846.
Floods in the Mwldan
Floods in the Mwldan
  • 12 1986 (Fri.) Worst floods in living memory down in the Mwldan
  • 12 1963 (Thurs.) Opening of Henry Tudor Restaurant, Priory St
  • 12 1890 (Fri.) Burial of Joseph Clougher, High St,73, stationer
  • 12 1867 (Thurs.) £4 missing from a missionary box at Bethania.
Fancy a Fancy?
Fancy a Fancy?
  • 11 1849 (Tues.) Sale of the brig Fancy at White Hart Inn
  • 10 1878 (Tues.) Snow  over the weekend has meant that the streets of Cardigan have literally been converted into skating rinks. Thanks to the kindness of Messrs. Miles, Woodward & Co., for scattering sawdust on the surface of the main streets.
  • 9 1968 (Mon.) Treharne Tyres and Batteries opens in Bath-house Road.
  • 9 1918 (Mon.) Town Council decide to offer the freedom of the Borough to Lloyd George.
  • 8 1851 (Mon.) Street Lighting: Town Council decided to light the main streets by means of 23 oil lamps

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