22–30 April

  • 30 (Mon.) 1888 Farewell to the Revd M. Evans, pastor of the English Congregational Churchat Hope Chapel on his departure to Brecon.
  • 29 1865 Death of Telynog
  • 28 1985 (Sul) Celebrating the Centenary of local Baptists’ Cymanfa Ganu
  • 28 1951 (Sad.) Mammoth Boxing Tournament: Market Hall on Barley Saturday. Popular Cardigan boxer Haydn Gwyon, and Owen Edwards, who is due to appear at Albert Hall in final of British Railways Championship.
  • 28 1938 (Thurs.) Amy Johnson passes through Cardigan as part of RAC Car Rally.
  • 28 1197 (Mon.) Death of Lord Rhys
  • 27 1967 (Thurs.) Rugby Club opened: Osmond John, District Representative of the  WRU officially opened the place, and Brian Thomas, Neath brought down a XV of celebrated players (including Hywel Williams!) to play against Cardigan.
  • 27 1826 (Thurs.) Death of Charles Symmons born in 1749.
  • 26 1876 (Wed.) Public meeting to consider formation of a Burial Board in accordance with the Burial Boards Act 1875.
  • 25 1949 (Mon.) Cardigan Town AFC v Swansea AFC KO at 6.00 p.m. Anyone remember the score?
  • 25 1949 (Mon.) Funeral of Revd Esaia Williams, Bethania
  • 24  1914 (Fri.) Burial of May Morris, William St, 22 year old, daughter of David
Screaming Lord Sutch
Screaming Lord Sutch
  • 23 1964 (Thurs.) Visit of Screaming Lord Sutch to the Black Lion signalled the beginning of the ‘swinging sixties’ in Cardigan. For more information visit : http://saturdaynightattheblack.wordpress.com/ If you can add to the story please get in touch.
  • 23 1949 (Sat.) Visit of James Callaghan to see his old friend Sylvan Howell.
  • 22 1949 (Fri.) J. Teifryn Roberts  wishes to announce that a commercial petrol pump has now been installed at Pioneer Garage [bottom of Brecon Tce.]
  • 22 1852 (Thurs.) Birth of George Francis Miles, artist, who died 15 July 1891.

Frank Miles

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