1–7 August


Men on push bikes
Men on push bikes
  • 7 1901 (Wed.) 8th Annual Sports and Bicycle Races at Cardigan
How many can you recognise?
How many can you recognise?
  • 6 1976 (Fri.) National Eisteddfod: Welsh Language Society Noson Lawen: Dafydd Iwan, Elfyn Lewis, Mynediad am Ddim, Edward H. Dafis
  • 6 1965  (Fri.) Scouser Alun Owen opens the Cardigan Art Society Exhibition
  • 6 1913 (Wed.) Birth of Roderic Bowen
  • 5 1976 (Thurs.) National Eisteddfod: Chairing of the Bard: Alan Llwyd ‘Y Gwanwyn’ (Spring)
  • 5 1968 (Sun.) Graffiti on Castle walls: ‘Free Wales’ and ‘Freedom not Royalty’.  The mayor Percy Griffiths  was ‘absolutely disgusted’. 1969 was getting closer!
  • 5 1950 (Sat.) Miss Cardigan 1950 was… Miss Rita Ward, Melrose, Morgan St,  (a member of staff at Nugent’s the chemist)
  • 4 1976 (Wed.) National Eisteddfod 1976: Noson Lawen at 10.30 pm. Clwb Rygbi Cymry Caerdydd presents: Ryan Davies, Mynediad am Ddim, Caleb a’r dwlals, Eirian James, Côr Poliphonig Caerdydd, Alun Williams, ac R. Alun Evans
  • 4 1910 (Thurs.) First public telephone arrived.
  • 3 1976 (Tues.) National Eisteddfod: Alan Llwyd won the crown for ‘Troeon Bywyd’ (Life’s Trials)
  • 3 1883 (Wed.) Coffee Tavern opened in Priory Street.
  • 2 1940 (Fri.) The Delicatessen has opened at 55 Pendre (formerly Melias Ltd) under Mr and Mrs E N Picton
  • 2 1938 (Tues.) Severe storm damaging chimneys and lightning striking substation at Pwllhai
1976 National Eisteddfod
1976 National Eisteddfod
  • 1 1976 (Sun.) National Eisteddfod: Morning Service from the Pavilion at 10.00. Theme: ‘The Christian  Watchfulness’. President:  Revd. D. Rhys Thomas; Call to Worship: Revd Milton G. Jenkins, Bethania; Recitation: Parti Ebeneser, Dyfed; Côr Tannau Teifi, conductor Alun Tegryn Davies; Reading by Revd. A. J. Davies; Eisteddfod Choir : conductor Terence Lloyd; Prayer : Revd Tom Roberts, Tabernacl; Sermon: Revd D. J. Roberts, Capel Mair; Blessing : Father Seamus Cunane. Harpists: Sybil Milton-Jenkins, Barbara Morris and Buddug Stephens.
  • 1 1905 (Tues.) Launch of the Elizabeth Austin lifeboat.

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