15–21 August

  • 21 1908 (Fri. ) Visit of Chung Had Hing, Prince of Siam
  • 21 1905 (Mon.) Burial of Launcelot Lowther, Priory St, 81 years old.
  • 20 1936 (Thurs.) C. W. A. Scott  visited Cardigan (British  airman who won the first England to Australia Air Race (2 days) and gave flying displays at Parcylan, Tredefaid.
  • 20 1939 (Sun.) The Mwldan flooded once again
  • 20 1966 (Sat.) Venetian Night in Cardigan brought thousands to the riverside. The Teifi looked like the Grand Canal!
  • 20 1984 (Mon.) Paul Ringer quits rugby
  • 19 1936 (Wed.) Golf Club House opened at 7.00 p.m. by Mrs Berrington Davies, Llangoedmore. Mr Leslie Mouland and his wife were in charge of the bar.
  • 18 1880 (Wed.) Organ recital at St Mary’s Church by Mr Gower Mus Bac. Large attendance by the local gentry.
  • 17 1892 (Wed.) Earthquake! The Vicar Revd W. Cynog Davies, felt his bed move ‘as a boat in a rough sea’.
Revd T. Esger James
Revd T. Esger James
  • 16 1941 (Sat.) Death  of the Rev T Esger James, Llanstephan (formerly minister of Capel Mair 1910–35) aged 71
  • 15

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