8–14 August

  • 14 1888 (Tues.) Burial of Mr. William. James, ironmonger, Gwalia House, 42 years of age. ‘Shutters were put up, and blinds were drawn along the route to the cemetery’.
  • 14 1682 (Mon.) Bonaventure of Lancaster, master Thomas Sweeting from Liverpool with 100 lb of salt.
  • 13 1799 (Tues.) Death of the Revd William Williams JP, minister at Bethania (1774–1799)
  • 12 1898 (Fri.) Rifles Volunteer Band (leader Col. Sgt. Tom Lewis) played for the first time in Kiosk at Victoria Gardens.
  • 12 1873 (Tues.) Heather Bell launched by Messrs John Williams and son at Netpool.
  • 11 1869 (Wed.) SS Tivyside arrives from the Clyde.
Mwldan Floods 1875
Mwldan Floods 1875
  • 10 1875 (Tues.) Mwldan Floods after the Capel Pond burst. 75 families were made temporarily homeless, and  2 aged women drowned.
  • 10 1672 (Sat.) Birth of William Gambold, Grammar of Welsh Language, (1727), Died 13 Sept 1728
To Let: Cardigan Mill
To Let: Cardigan Mill
  • 9 1851 (Sat.) To Let: Cardigan Mill
Phil Bennett pushing the pennies
Phil Bennett pushing the pennies
  • 8 1980 (Fri.) Phil Bennett visits the Eagle Inn to push a column of coins over in aid of Kidney research
  • 8 1976 (Sun.) National Eisteddfod: Children’s Cymanfa Ganu 2.30; Cymanfa Ganu at 8.00.
  •  8 1901 (Thurs.) Burial of Pleybert Ives, 36, a vendor of French Onions, who drowned in the Teifi.

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