15–21 February

  • 21 1951 (Wed.) Cardigan and District Choral Society Annual Concert: Mendelssohn’s ‘Saint Paul’. Sop Marjories Shires; Tenor: Llewelyn John; Bass: Trevor Anthony; Contralto: Olga Bonnell. Organist: Prof Ted Morgan; Conductor: Andrew Williams LRAM, ARCM
  • 20 1878 (Wed.) Lecture in Bethania: ‘Handel’ by Revd W. Harries, Aberdare. The proceeds went towards the Baptist chapel at Cilfowyr. The reviewer wrote that the lecturer ‘showed considerable ability of composition’, so there..
  • 19 1879 (Wed.) SS Sea Flower Company wound up.
  • 18 1983 (Fri) Wrestling in the Pav (and not on film!) Popular during the late sixties and then revived in the early eighties. On the bill on this night Tony St Clair; Mad Rasputin; and Princess Cherokee. Great fun!
  • 17 1941 (Mon.) 170 evacuees arrive  from Liverpool, including schoolboy Alun Owen, who later became a noteworthy dramatist.
  • 17 1902 (Mon.) Registration of the Vale of Tivy Co-operative Society.
  • 16 1980 (Sat.) Paul Ringer sent off?!

Battle of Twickenham (16 February 1980)

Paul Ringer

Paul Ringer, a former Cardigan Secondary School pupil playing for Wales v. England at Twickenham was sent off in the 13th minute by an Irish referee, David Burnett, for allegedly making a late challenge on England’s fly-half, John Horton. Wales came second 9–8.

A slightly (!) controversial incident which gained further notoriety when Max Boyce wrote a song ‘Ringer was to blame’. As Max wrote: ‘He got there as fast as he could’.

Or as Wales prop Graham Price said of the game: ‘It was like World War Three but in them days referees didn’t tend to send players off, no matter what they did’.

“It was disgraceful refereeing,” recalls Ringer. “Their captain, Peter Wheeler, came over and said to the referee that if he didn’t send me off it would turn into a bloodbath. And that made up his mind for him.”

John Carleton, England winger: “I have discussed it time and time again and I am still not sure. He did run at John and he was quite high and there may have been some intent. But he did not make much contact.”

Ringer was banned for eight matches and failed to make the Lions Tour of South Africa.

Someone will die

He retired from the game in 1984 after a spell in rugby league playing with the Cardiff Blue Dragons.

Wales v England: 13 minues of mayhem. The real story behind Paul Ringer’s infamous dismissal against England WM 6.2.2015, p 46–7

Have you got one of these https://ianbone.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/file1-ringer.jpg

Paul Ringer is innocent badge  Wear it today with pride!

15 2013 (Fri.) Work begins on £11m castle restoration (This will be history tomorrow!)

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