8–14 February

  • 14 1969 (Fri.) An advert appeared in the Tivy-side by the local FWA representative.
  • 14 1930 (Fri.) Cardigan Arms, 3 College Row, now open on Saturdays 11.30-11.00 for the sale of fried fish and chips.
  • 14 1927 (Mon.) Burial of Evan Ceredig Evans, 74 years old, Brynsiriol, North Rd, retired chemist.
  • 13 1945 (Tues.) Gunner George Backshell, Victoria House wounded in Holland.
  • 13 1930 (Thurs.) Maid of Cefn Ydfa – William Haggar’s film of a Welsh historical drama shown in the Pav.
  • 12 1960 (Fri.) Improved tv reception for Cardigan. A new ‘piped’ tv mast placed on Banc y Warren.
  • 11 1861 (Mon.) Priory St named (from its original name of New St.).
  • 10 1992 (Mon.) Death of Mrs Frances Mason, mayor 1982–3. She ran a second-hand bookshop on the top of Quay St. for many years.
Mrs Frances Mason
Mrs Frances Mason
  • 9 1842 (Wed.) Public meeting was convened by the Mayor in the Shire Hall when it was unanimously agreed to call for a Special Act of Parliament to enable the Council to proceed with the enclosure of the Commons.
  • 8 1966 (Tues.) Floods hit the town,  due to a high tide and high winds.

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