1–7 November

  • 7
  • 6 1968 (Wed.) 1st sod cut at site of new Catholic Church. Contract of £49, 700


  • Joseph Higgins 1930-32
  • John Tole 1932
  • Wilfred Brodie 1932-3
  • Basil Rowlands 1933-36
  • Thomas Williams 1936
  • Joseph Wedlake 1937-9
  • Thomas Canning1940
  • James McAniff 1941
  • B. O’Connell 1942-5
  • Phillip Dwyer 1946-7
  • William Andrews 1947
  • Albin Kaltenbach 1947-51
  • George A. Anwyll 1951-9
  • Raymond Joyce (curate) 1951-9
  • John McHugh 1950-61??
  • Arthur Davies 1961
  • Seamus Cunanne 1962-99
  • Augustine Paikkatt 1999-2003
  • Jason Jones 2003-
  • Paul Joseph
Headed notepaper 8.1.1917
Headed notepaper 8.1.1917
  • 6 1912 (Wed.)  Pav (The Pavilion Cinema) opened at 7.30 by the Mayor Ivor Evans. In the interval Cardigan Male Voice Party (conductor H H Evans) sang ‘Martyrs of the Arena’. Admission 3d, 4d, and 6d. Children half-price. Sold to H D Claypole, Pembroke Dock in 1919 and he was responsible for forming the Cardigan Cinema Co. Ltd. First workers: Mechanic operator: Harold Squibbs; Hall and door keeper: Tom White Jones; Pay Box attendant: Fred Mulraine; Pianist: Morien Peregrine; Indoor attendants: John L Griffiths, W Johnson; engineer: Owen Williams
  • 6 1908 (Fri.) Burial of John Conwyson Roberts, 20 Quay St., 67 years old. His son David Owen Conwyson Roberts established J. C. Roberts  & Son, printers and stationers at 9 High Street.
  • 5 1895 (Tues.) Burial of Charles Allen, St Dogmaels, a 50 years old tramp, from the Cardigan Union Workhouse,
  • 4 1895 (Mon.) Intermediate School for Boys opened at the Grammar School. Staff included Mr D. M. Palmer, BA, Mr Charles Owen BA, and Miss Gladdish BA. 30 boys were present on opening day.  Later the girls started in 1896 at a spare room at the Board School, Pendre and 17 girls were enrolled on the first day. The ‘County School’ was officially opened on 23 Sept 1898.
  • 3 1964 (Tues.) Cardigan Arms reopens from 11.30 a.m. under new ownership – Mrs M. Owen, Avondale.
Pav Programme November 1956
Pav Programme November 1956
  • 2 1984 (Fri.) Pav closes as a cinema. End of a glorious era.
  • 1 1950 (Wed) UFOs or ‘Flying Saucers’ fly over Cardigan. Mrs G. James, Finch Sq a Miss M. Mathews saw a perfect round orange sphere with no tail, and no noise. It was approximately 7.30 pm.

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