15–21 November

  • 21 1955 (Mon.) Second day of the 3rd Jubilee Meetings at Capel Mair
  • 21 1896 (Sat.) National School closed for a week due to mumps
  • 20 1936 (Fri.) Opening Ball at the County School gymnasium. 200 present. Music by Carl Wynne and his Ambassadors Band, from Llanelli.
Boys' National School: School Rules
  • 20 1848 (Mon.) “Children are to come to school clean”: Boys National School Rules
  • 19 1875 (Fri.) A Danish three masted schooner rescued by the ‘John Stuart’ lifeboat.
  • 18 1938 (Sat.) It has arrived – ‘The New Morris Eight’ You are invited to test and trial the new vehicle at Bridge End Foundry.
  • 17 1920 (Wed.) William Ladd, Cardigan, Greenfield Square, 63 year old, brickworks labourer
  • 16 1973 (Fri.) Under Milk Wood (Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor) showing in the Pav
  • 15 1888 (Thurs.) Burial of Evan Jones, Catherine Row, 39 year old photographer

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