8–14 January

John Prosser looks up
Bethania on fire! John Prosser looks up
  • 14 1969 (Tues.) Induction service for Revd. Richard Jones MA BSc to the Tabernacle (MC)
  • 13 1873 (Mon.) Uren Rheged Edwards, Cheltenham appointed Headmaster of 100 pupils at the British School.
  • 13 1877 (Sat.) For sale ‘Charming Nancy’21 ton smack at Sailors Home.
  • 12 1964 (Sun.) Fire at Bethania under the chapel where the boiler was housed.
  • 12 1910 (Wed.) General election: Public meeting at the Guildhall Vaughan Davies MP; Prof Levi, Aberystwyth; D Davies, Treforgan, Revd.  J D Hughes, Blaenwaun. Chairman: Revd. John Williams, Bethania.
  • 12 1876 (Wed.) Dr. William Lane Noot, surgeon, died, aged 71.
Dr W L Noot's gravestone in St Mary's Church graveyard
Dr W L Noot’s gravestone in St Mary’s Church graveyard
  • 11 1952 (Fri.) Tender for £32, 753 accepted to build 22 houses for Ridgeway. Party time in Ridgeway tonight!
  • 11 1897 (Mon.) The work of laying down pavements in Pendre was continuing satisfactorily according to a report to the Town Council.
  • 10 1897 (Sun) Mayor (Morgan-Richardson) sends invitation to the town’s crachach to plant commemoration trees on the Netpool:

Pwy ddaw i Banc y Netpool;
I blannu coeden fach?;
Yr hon, os tyf i fyny;
A’ch coffa o âch i âch!

(Talcen Slip)

The clean version!

9 1964 (Thurs.)! Ricky & the Raiders perform at the Black Lion. ‘Saturday Night at the Black’ is about to begin!

  • 8 1872 (Mon.) Oddfellows movement instituted in Cardigan. Some will claim to have seen odd fellows in Cardigan before this date!
  • 8 1872 (Mon.) Fire destroyed premises of J. R. Daniel, Cabinet Maker, St. Mary’s Street. The Council met and decided to purchase a Fire Engine. A manual Fire Engine cost £102. The money was to be raised by public subscription. Not really surprising then that a second hand fire engine (called ‘Ada’ from Neath), was not bought until the early 1930s! Until then it was buckets only.

Antics of Ada the Fire Engine

When Ada finally came there wasn’t much shape to the rescue services. In a letter in the Tivy-side dated 8 May 1936 this is how  ‘Onlooker’ described events the previous evening:

‘Last night after the difficulty of starting up the engine, Ada got away at 7.50 pm to a fire in a farm near Synod Inn, 16 miles away, where she arrived at 8.50 pm. During this journey her engine stopped on four occasions and refused to start by the usual methods. The firemen and onlookers had to push the fire engine –weighing at least 4 tons –along the road to get her started. Twice she stopped in sight of the fire and had to be coaxed to start again by pushing. The first spray of water was thrown on the fire at 9.10 pm, and to cap everything Ada lost part of her ‘inards’ on her way home at 4 o’clock in the morning. The men of the Brigade work well and with a will, so why not give them an engine worthy of their efforts?

Why not indeed?

  • 8 1867 (Tues.) ‘John Stuart’ lifeboat rescues the ‘Coronation’ of Bideford.

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