15–21 July

  •  21 1973 (Sat.) The Welsh Language Society held a 24-hour vigil and fast at Cardigan in support of Ffred Fransis and Arfon Jones.
  • 21 1953 (Tues.) Band of the Welsh Guards played at the King George V Playing Fields.
  • 20 1920 (Tues.) Burial of Margaret Mathias Davies, Aberdare Farm, 60, widow of J R (chemist)
  • 19 1987 (Sun.) Cardigan Civic Week. An evening of praise at 8.00. President Revd J. Arwyn Phillips; Chairman Geraint Howells MP; Conductor Mrs Sally Davies Jones.
  • 18 1968 (Thurs.) Opening of Junior School at a cost of £58, 000
  • 17 1919 (Sat.)  Price of coal will rise to 6/- a ton. Time for a protest.
Price of coal to rise!
Price of coal to rise!
  • 17 1885 (Fri. ) John Price convicted at Cardigan Assizes and sentenced by Mr Justice Denham. Charged with murdering his wife by shooting her during a quarrel. On the night of the murder the prisoner had attempted to take his own life.
  • 16 1890 (Wed.) Burial of Margaret Elizabeth Weston, 51 years old.
  • 15 1953 (Wed.) Glamorgan Cricket Club scored 172 runs against Cardigan.

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