22–31 July

  • 31 1874 (Fri.) Lizzie Ellen (200 tons) launched by Messrs John Williams and son.
  • 30 1898 (Sat.) Scholarship exams held for Cardigan County school: 6 for boys and 5 for girls.
Webb the watches
Webb the watches
  • 29 1915 (Thurs.) Burial of Alfred Martin Webb, Pendre, 64, jeweller
Margararet Lloyd George walks pass Mount Zion on the way to the Hospital
Margararet Lloyd George walks pass Mount Zion on the way to the Hospital
  • 28 1922 (Fri.) Dame Margaret Lloyd George opens the Memorial Hospital.
  • 27 1885 (Mon.) Monthly Markets at Pensarnau began. Posters and handbills circulated by N. W. Mitchell, Town Clerk.  When the railway arrived in 1886 an attempt was made to advertise the marts:

Here is Ysgawenydd, the local poet:

 The markets of late have suffered in town
Thro’ the want of conveyance close to the ground
Now the train is convenient and not far away
To carry the stock away the same day.
Good number of hurdles are here to keep,
Some for the cattle and some for the sheep.
And stables close by, and stalls all complete,
And corn, if required, or good hay to eat.

  • 26 1914 (Sun.) C Company left Cardigan for Portmadoc under the command of Lieut Griffith and 2nd Lieut Illtyd R G Jones. Outbreak of War on 1 Aug, Territorials broke camp and returned home on 3 Aug. Britain declared war on Germany on 4 Aug. At 5pm on the same day the C Company of Territorials paraded in front of the Guildhall and the Company was addressed by Mayor Maj R W Picton Evans. After the address they marched through the town before they made for C Station where a troop train was waiting to convey the troops to Dale Camp, near Milford Haven.
  • 25 1964 (Sat.) Freddie Starr & Midnighters appear at the Black Lion.

Saturday Night at the Black

  • 25 1901 (Thurs.) T. M. Daniel commenced a motor car service to NCE in direct competition to the coach. A second car was introduced on 30 July. ‘It looks as if the scheme will be a permanent one’ said the Tivy-side.
  • 25 1876 (Tues.) Brickworks workers annual treat to Gwbert.
  • 24 1901 (Wed.) Arrival of the First Motor car by T. M. Daniel. Its passage through the streets caused much commotion.
  • 24 1866 (Tues.) Steven’s Royal Menagerie & Foreign Legion of Birds and Beasts; Monsters of the Deep; Reptiles of the Land; the Great Lion Slayer; Tiger Tamer; and Serpent Charmer. The Menagerie will contain upwards of 100 specimens of all leading productions of the Animal World.
  • 23 1970 (Thurs.) Our Lady of the Taper officially opened 6.30. The ceremony was conducted by Rt Rev John E Petit MA, Bp of Menevia, assisted by Rt Rev Langton D Fox auxiliary Bp of Menevia.
  • 23 1968 (Mon.) Fire damages Rugby Club
  • 23 1678 (Tues.) Neptune of Ilfracombe took 15, 000 hilling stones to Dublin.
Fashion Trend to open
Fashion Trend to open
  • 22 1966 (Fri.) Opening of Fashion Trend, 46 Pendre
  • 22 1896 (Wed.) Mrs Richards, matron of the workhouse treats the children with a trip to Poppit

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