15–21 March

  • 20 1970 (Fri.)  Re-opening of Hodges Mens Shop, Pendre at 10.00 am. New suit for £16.16s!
  • 20 1918 (Wed.) Burial of Carolina Joanna VANDE WALLE, St Mary St, 71, wife of Leudvircus (a Belgian Refugee)
Owen M. Owen (1912–1991)
Owen M. Owen (1912–1991)
  • 19 1991 (Tues.) Death of O. M. Owen (Mr Eisteddfod) . Buried on 22 March 1991. Born in Blaenporth in July 1912. He moved to London for 15 years before returning as an estate manager. He and his wife later ran a milk round and established a shop in Maesglas. He was a Town councillor for over 30 years, and mayor in 1975, 1977 and 1989. Best known for his work as general secretary of Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi and secretary of the Show. Received an MBE in 1979 for his services to the community.
  • 18 1949 (Fri.) Mr David Jones Watts drapers (Cardigan) Ltd.) wishes to announce the arrival of a wide range of SPRING GOODS. These include a beautiful section of the famous Windsmoor Coats and costumes. and of other leading London stylists, both in Utility and Non-utility. Also a selective range of Wedding gowns and accessories. Old and new customers are strongly advised to visit our NEW SHOWROOMS at an early date to ensure a good choice. Cofiwch alw. Mae croeso cynnes i chwi i gyd.
  • 18 1949 (Fri.) Shire Hall. Anything you need in furniture. Oak bedroom suite complete £46.13.3.  3-piece suite in all coverings and design £37.8.0d
  • 17 1873 (Mon.) Rescue of a crew of seven from the schooner ‘Dollart’ of Delzium, Hanover by ‘John Stuart’ lifeboat.
  • 16 1900 (Fri.) SPCK books, Bibles, and prayer books available at H. Morgan, draper, High St.
  • 15 1934 (Thurs.) SS Herefordshire in distress. Good salvage sale coming up!
  • 15 1888 (Thurs.) Death of Owen Lloyd Thomas proprietor of the Tivy-side. He is buried in St Mary’s Churchyard.

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