22–31 May

  • 31 1916 (Wed.) Burial of William Woodward, Caerleon House, Pendre, 78, estate agent
Castle Green - and they're still building!
Castle Green – and they’re still building!
  • 31 1827 (Thurs.)  Foundation Stone of Castle Green laid.
  • 31 1824 (Mon.) Cymmrodorion’s 1st meeting
  • 30 1912 (Thurs.) Death of Evan Ithel James, clerk, 17 years old of Gordon Terrace.
  • 29 1953 (Fri.) Fecci opened restaurant  at 12 Pendre.
  • 28 1950 (Sul) Civic Sunday at Capel Mair on the occasion of Clr. J. Rowland Daniel as borough mayor.
  • 27 1918 (Mon.) Departure of last of Belgian refugees
  • 27 1915 (Thurs.) HMS Majestic sunk whilst acting as a floating battery for the Australasian Expeditionary Force at Seddel-Bahr beach. All local sailors rescued. See also 26 March.
  • 26 1925 (Tues.) Burial of William Ewart Yerward James, Caemorgan, 58, solicitor
  • 26 1887 (Thurs.) Second and an important sale of a part of the Priory Estate held at Guildhall.
  • 25 1963 (Sat.) Last freight train out of Cardigan to Whitland.
  • 24 1859 (Tues.) Town Council decided to lengthen the Guildhall by 11 feet. This was done by building over the archway, and brought the length of the building to 57ft 5ins.
Laying the foundation stone of Mount Zion
  • 24 1880 (Mon.) Mt Zion officially opened. The foundation stone was laid by Sir William Davies MP for Pembs. The building cost £1, 190.
  • 23 1969 (Fri.) Gina’s opened in High St
  • 23 1950 (Tues.) Visit of Ringland Circus  – the best for many years.
I'm still standing: Cannon in front of the Guildhall
I’m still standing: Cannon in front of the Guildhall
  • 22 1871 (Mon.) Cannon placed in front of Guildhall

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