8–14 September

  • 14 1994 (Wed.) Opening of Cardigan Library at Canolfan Teifi
  • 14 1956 (Fri.) Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr Geoffrey Fisher) among the congregation at St Mary’s Church (On holidaysat Moylegrove)
  • 14 1866 (Fri.) A case of cholera at Glanpwllafon – the pigs were blamed
  • 13 1968 (Fri. ) Rhos-y-dre Community Centre to cost £3,000
  • 13 1873 (Fri.) The smack ‘Ocean’ of Milford ran aground on Cardigan Bar.
  • 12 1953 (Sat.) Visit of Gladys Aylward to Bethania at 7pm
  • 12 1952 (Fri.) Cardigan and Soroptomists Club founded
Laying the foundation stone of Mount Zion
Laying the foundation stone of Mount Zion
  • 11 1878 (Wed.) Mt Zion Chapel foundation stone was laid.
  • 11 1870 (Sun.) Third Capel Mair building was opened.
  • 11 1866 (Tues.) Council decided to erect a wooden footbridge over the Mwldan brook. Horse and carts had to pass through the water.
  • 10 1951 (Mon.) Opening of Home and Colonial Stores (replacing W. Rees & Co.), 24 High St.
  • 10 1897 (Fri.) Another Sale of the Priory Estate
  • 9 1880 (Thurs.) Ragged School’s annual trip to Gwbert.
  • 8 1939 (Fri.) Cardigan and Tivy-side headline story: ‘We are at War’
  • 8 1889 (Mon.) Conservative Club opened at the Victoria Coffee Tavern.
  • 8 1839 (Wed.) The poet Telynog was born at Netpool Cottages.

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